Sunday, May 18, 2008

What The Schlagt/What A (written last night)

After 4 hours of waiting and suntanning in Golden, highway 1 opened and John and I were able to get forward momentum. We saw where the mudslide had been and it looked like some massive amounts of work needed to be done in order to let cars pass through again.

Eager to keep moving westward, we only stopped for gas and to pick up a couple of Hot and Ready's from a Little Caesars. John knew that one of the hardest parts of the drive lay ahead - Duffy's pass. Having now completed this pass myself, and consulting John, we're pretty sure Duffy was a raging drunk. We did Cache Creek to Lilleoot in the after supper sun. But dusk settled quickly and we did Lilleoot to Pemberton in the dark. We encountered 13 deer. It was insane hair pin turns, one lane bridges, dirt roads at times, up, down, winding, craziness.

So you can imagine how tired we were once we finally hit Whistler. We got to John and Hayley's place and we found their landlord's daughter there. Their landlord had told them that when they were gone she was going to have a washer and dryer installed. John told them that he was aiming to be back in town on the 19th, but maybe earlier. The landlord and said daughter decided that they would also tear up the bathroom floor, put new flooring in the living room, hall, bathroom, and bedroom, as well as wash the dust out of the place. Aka a few renos! In order to do this they have had to tear various part of the apartment apart. All of their belongings are in the living room and the landlords daughter was sleeping in their room that was also in massive disarray. This meant that there wasn't even room for the two of us to sleep AND the two of them have Sunday and Monday booked to finish the renos - aka the only two days that I am in Whistler to visit John. What. the. schlagt?!?

We were too tired to go over what I am assuming is breaking the landlord - tenant act. Currently we are at John's co-worker/friend Adrien's place for some sleep and then we figure something out tomorrow. John is very angry and upset, I'm tired and emotional was really just looking forward to chilling in Whistler with John and having a home base for the first time in a few days. We have some things to say to the landlord and the daughter tomorrow after sleep and extra thought. There are a few ideas in our heads on how this can be rectified.

But for right now we are sunburnt, smelly and tired. Sleeping we can take care of right now and well, John has been asleep on the floor here for the entirety of my writing this post. Things will work out.

Ha ha - oh, and I"m pretty sure I left my pj's in Calgary. Sigh. What a day!

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