Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I've never done that before...

Today I helped unload three Shuringa transport trucks full of plant material. One of the grasses gave us girls a rash. :( But we had a banana split party at afternoon break :)

Saturday, May 21, 2005


So this post will likely have me labeled as an ignorant idiot for the rest of my life but i was wondering if anybody else thought that Belinda could end up being the next Kim Campbell? She is a female anxious and craving leadership opportunities; and if the Gomery inquiry keeps getting worse the Liberals would have a very willing sacrificical lamb. I dunno, it was just a thought.

ice cream

although there are many great things to add to ice cream, my current favourite is frozen gummi bears. mmm.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another reason I love my job...

Today I spent most of my day stuffing thyme into a moss filled wire cage dolphin. You can see these dolphins on display in front of city hall later next week.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Package Is Delivered

John and I got safely back to the farm this morning. John was very satisfied with his second Brassie's nachos experience and a Tim Horton's breakfast. He got very excited to see metric signs and a lack of billboards. I got very excited to spend time with him. In honour of having both of her kids home my Mom has got a 20lbs turkey cooking for supper. Oh baby!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ok, i'm picking my brother up from the Buffalo airport at 6:30/7 on Saturday and then we're coming back to Ancaster for Nachos at Brassie's. You are welcome to join us. I'll change my online name to reflect our return to the area and our departure for Brassie's.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Remember how Gayle's blog almost got taken over by Olga the smoking kitty. Well Olga just emailed me and told me that she started her own new blog. I invite you to check it out.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sometimes my brother kills me...

I would like to share with you a few events in the life of my only brother, the one and only John Stewart.

Last week John and his buddies went to a party. When the party was ending most of the boys piled into cars to get back to campus. These boys had also been drinking. John and his good friend Matt Proctor decided that was a bad idea. So they grabbed a couple of beers and started walking back to school. They were drinking these beers and walking down the street, and these were not the first beers the boys had consumed that evening. Along come the cops and bust my bro for public drinking type things. But poor Matt is also under the age of 21, so he also got possession of alcohol as a minor. The two boys have to go to court this week to receive their fines. Knowing John they'll end up apologizing to him and giving him a steak dinner.

Then yesterday John was playing in a tape ball tournament. Its an indoor baseball tourney and the ball is a wiffle ball that they have put tape on in order to let it fly better. Johnny was trying to stretch a double into a triple when he slid into third base and knocked himself unconscious by hitting the front of his head (almost between the eyes) on the third baseman's knee. He was out for less than a minute. He friends helped him up and he said he was fine and went to sit on the bench. While sitting on the bench he lost the ability to talk or feel his legs. He said the only thing he could do was pet his cheek with the back side of his hand. Some people realized that everything was not cool and at the urging of a coach he went to the hospital. He ended up staying there overnight because he was having lots of trouble remembering our parents' names, what day it was, what he ate, what had happened, etc. That and he passed out in the middle of his CT scan.

They gave him the last bed left, which they apologized for as it was in the same room with Harold. Harold is an old man who had smoked all his life and was on some insane ventilator machine and snored like a bear. He also apparently has a seizure every 45 minutes or so. I told John that was like pretty good for him and his concussion. By the morning he was pretty tired from the nurses and Harold waking him up. They had to kick him out because they needed the bed. So they told him he could have fractured his skull, but they can't really tell. So if he is bleeding in the brain, or if brain fluid is leaking he'll feel pretty crumby and then be dead in a few days. So if he feels crumby he should go back to the hospital. They also stressed that he should stay away from strenuous activity. As a result of that he no longer has to write his exams.

Oh Johnny!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Not dead, just sleepy

So I figured out that my body is not a big fan of my completely changing time zones. To clarify: the past three years I have been mostly nocturnal. My body has gotten used to going to bed at 5:30am or later. Now it is trying to get used to getting up at around 5:30am. It feels like I have jet lag. I know there are a lot of us that are feeling this way. Gah.

The new job is a little different than I thought. It turns out that I have been placed in the city greenhouses at Gage Park. At first I wasn't too thrilled with that but there are a lot of good things about it. My supervisor or foreman is a Christian. His name is Randy and he's a cool guy. He's the kind of boss that is out there doing the work with you. So he is very humane about breaks and heat and stuff. He said that we'll get the freezer packed with popsicles and ice cream bars for when it gets really hot out. We're going to do potluck lunches with the greenhouse staff and the Gage Park staff. I will be working Tuesday through Saturday 7am to 3pm; so that messes up regular weekends but so far the work as been anything but hard. It is rather slow in the greenhouse right now.

The girls I work with are cool. They are Maria, Katie and Ashley. I thought you should know their names incase I reference them later. They are all from Hamilton. Actually I have been kind of surprised to see how many people are from Hamilton and home for the summer. Actually I haven't met anyone who is like me and staying here for the summer. Kind of interesting.

The house (or Booty Barn) is coming along. Gayle and Mira have been working like dogs so there hasn't been much time for unpacking. I've had a little more free time but have avoided cleaning my room so that they don't feel bad. Oh, I should also tell you that we three have pimp names and in the context of the Booty Barn should be referred to by these names. Mira's is Reverend Doctor M. Flex. Gayle's is Macktastic G. Wicked and mine is Vicious D. L. Slim. I'm quite sure there will be t-shirts by the end of the summer.

That is my little update. Give me a call if yer bored.