Thursday, May 15, 2008

In A Van Down By The River

  • currently John and I are in a parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Dryden, stealing their internet and using their camper plugs to charge batteries
  • we slept in the car last night outside of Wawa. It was um, cold. We slept about 3 hours before we gave up because we were too cold. We've been on the road ever since
  • I think Lake Superior is creepy, really creepy
  • maybe we came up 'that road' (I can't even remember what we've been on) that snakes along Lac Superior, maybe we did it laaaaaate at night. maybe there was a lot of warning for moose. maybe we stopped at the scene of a very, very recent accident - like we were the second car on the scene - there was a dead moose, a totaled car, man. John was the one to get out of the car (he was driving), a middle aged couple were fairly banged up (nothing too serious) and another driver had things under control
  • you want to bet we took it slo-ow after that, as the EMS vehicles passed us to the other
  • we saw two more live moose, and a couple of bats
  • freaking Lake Superior
  • from The Soo to here we've seen over 70 watch for moose signs

Yesterday's ferry

Last night's sunset over creepy, creepy Superior

This morning's breakfast palace in Terrace Bay (they were BIG Leaf fans there!)

Terry Fox, overlooking the nation (via Thunder Bay)

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