Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Always Have To Find Out the Hard Way

So we took our first round of malaria meds yesterday. No problem, I've been on the same ones before. Should be good.

My family is still all around and doing things after this weekends celebrations for my Grandpa's birthday. So we had a bonfire at my parents' house. I had four drinks. Only four. Not four with supper, four with dessert and four at the fire. Just four. Four drinks should do very little to me.

But I only had two meals and less than four hours sleep, so I could understand when it started to hit me a little harder. Then around 2am I decided to pack it in and call it a night. I was feeling pretty queasy, but not too worried because I do not vomit after drinking (especially after 4 drinks).

I get ready for bed, and then I puke, I go to bed and then I puke, I puke twice in the night and a few times this morning. And I think, what on earth is wrong with me!! Then my Mom comes up to me and says, "I was reading the papers that came with your malaria medication and they say to avoid drinking alcohol."