Tuesday, September 28, 2004

In loo...

I couldn't come up with anything valid to say, so I thought I'd share a motivational technique I used on Melissa Kuipers.

Monday, September 27, 2004


....remember that time at Church in the Box when I said that one of the reasons that I loved Redeemer so much was its community aspect and that the people just come together in times of need. I (in an unfortunate sense, which was redeemed) got to witness that again tonight....

- DD - peace and healing buddy, peace and healing

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Ok, so we're settled on Oct 1, which is a Friday. So far confirmed are: Amyann Faul, Anj Colyn, Krista & Jason Taekema and myself, with 3-4 maybe's. I'm hoping to firm up those maybe's by the end of the weekend. I know that an apostrophe signifies posession but it didn't look right without one. I'm going to get the 18$ tickets if I can. Hopefully things are sold out. Eeee. More details to come.


Friday, September 24, 2004

The Sting

If ever there was a great movie it would have to be The Sting. Seriously it is so good. If ever you have a chance to watch it - do it! You won't regret it.

Mmmmmm Paul Newman....

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Memories (all alone in the moonlight....)

So in the theme of Jenn and Rachel I thought I might share a first year memory that was brought to the surface by a current craving for McDonalds.

As I was thinking of this memory or "remembering" I was struck that it was one of the few good memories of my first year dorm that didn't involve alcohol but did involve at least half of the dorm.

Anyway its not even that great of a memory - during first year McDonald's had Two Big Macs for Two Bucks....oh baby. They (the crazy buggers)did this right before or during second semester exams. So my trusty steed Maurice transported my dormmates and I on more than one occasion to exploit the McDonald's corporation.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Based on Margaret Atwood's award-winning novel, The Handmaid's Tale is a cautionary story of a terrifying future perilously within grasp.

Driven by a theory that moral corruption is responsible for the fall of society, the religious right has taken over the United States, overthrowing the government and implementing a fundamentalist regime. Women's rights have been restricted under the guise of protection, and those of proven fertility have been enlisted to bear offspring to the childless elite. Offred, one such Handmaid, tells her story of abuse, compassion and sustained hope.

This acclaimed production debuted at the Royal Danish Opera in 2000. It makes its Canadian premiere with the COC.

Sept. 23, 26, 29, Oct. 1, 5 and 9, 2004 at the Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto. Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinee performances begin at 2 p.m. Running time is approximately 2 hours, 45 minutes with one intermission.

Sung in English with English SURTITLES™.

Sorry about the date confusion in the email, you'll see all the dates above. Rob reminded me that the 26th is CITB - that's out, or atleast its out for me as I have to spend the afternoon at the school. Oct 9 is the beginning of Thanksgiving. This coming Thursday would be awesome if we didn't have choir till 6:55pm. I dunno, tell what you're thinking....

oh, Rach Legg, you can get tickets from ticket master.


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This is how smart I feel....

Sunday, September 19, 2004


I'm struggling with Greek. Yeah I know its only the end of week two and its just going to get crazy after this; and that knowledge adds to the struggle.

I'm struggling because right now Greek feels like music theory - a demon I was never able to conquer - though I feel it was a demon that I wasn't meant to conquer. I am terrible with straight memory work, I'm an artist. I don't understand how I think, but I know that I do better in a history class when I'm tested on the meanings of revolutions and the impact of certain key players rather than on dates, places and names. So memorizing verb paradigms is like key signatures for me or like math (a class I have failed 3 times in my life)

I'm struggling with a decision to change classes. I have made such a big deal about Greek and have told so many people that I was in the class that it will be a HUGE slice of humble pie to switch into something else. Oh pride issues, I love you.

I'm struggling with the self doubt that clouds me in situations like this; it just seems to trickle into every part of my life. For instance: I've always had a dream of making a career out of singing. So the other day I did a concert for Kat Meerveld and friends, it was small, nice, intimate and truth be told I did a half decent job with my part of it. But post concert is the time Satan loves to attack me - he whispers things in my ear like, "you know they only listen 'cause they call themselves your friends and they have to listen and smile, and really they aren't even your friends they just feel sorry for you" and " your songs aren't that good and you don't sing very well, remember all the yawning, that was because they didn't like you." Sometimes I'm able to dust the devil off my shoulder, but most times his whispers echo in my brain. These echoes are there when I start thinking about Greek and how well maybe just maybe its not a mountain I'm supposed to climb. And then I say well that's cause you suck, remember how you sucked at the concert, remember how you keep gaining weight, remember how you're a tool in choir, remember how nobody called you that one weekend, remember how pathetic you are...and it just keeps going.

Granted, an old me would have drowned herself in a sea of booze to deal with this feeling, but the new me struggles to keep dragging herself into the waiting hands of a Saviour who doesn't believe anything she just typed. The new me is looking, craving discernment about Greek class and a career in music and working with teenagers.

I'm struggling.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


frequently it is better to clean the wound rather than leave it and let the blood dry

Friendly Neighbourhood...

Sometimes I wish that I was Spiderman and that I could shoot webs, I don't want to shoot them to fly around like Spiderman does. I would like to randomly and stealthily shoot webs in class, at people, at chalk boards - just generally be a pest. I think that would be fun.

The Moveable Nu

So one day I was traveling through Northern Greece on my mo-ped and was having a jolly time of it. When all of a sudden a gigantic Jackalope type thing jumped out from the bushes and went straight for my jugular with his teeth. I couldn't believe it; there I was rolling around in a ditch fighting for my life with a creature that the Lonely Planet books call "one of the most dangerous and deadly things on this earth." What were the odds? What is this creature called? A Moveable Nu! Very stealthy things they are. From a distance they look like a familiar deer or bunny, but up close they are a hodgepodge of antlers and carnivorous teeth. So friends I implore you, don’t end up bleeding in a ditch in Northern Greece like me – wear your Anti-Moveable Nu spray and carry a Bible.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Friday, September 10, 2004

Happy Anniversary

I'm going home after work tonight to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of Stirling and Edna Stewart (my Grandparents)!

Yeah I know these are big pictures (from their 60th anniversary), but when you've been married this long you deserve big pictures!

Oh, and good news to us non-married types; my Grandpa didn't marry my Grandma until he was 25.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


My first mistake was signing up to take Greek. My second mistake was not following that with signing up to go to war.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dating Service

After much discussion with friends of both the male and female persuasion I am proud to announce the grand opening of: Laura's Catalyst Dating Service

After some retrospection I came to realize that four of my ex-boyfriends were married to or currently engaged to the girl that came directly after me (one is also gay). This lead me realize that my dating relationships with males lead them to discover what exactly they want (or really, what they don't want) in a woman and to go for it with a new found fervor.

My service is that I will date boys who are seeking to know what they really desire in a life-long partner.

These boys can be single, but I will also date boys who are dating someone....allow me to explain: You're dating this really cool girl and you think she is the one for you, so you put it on hold for two weeks, date me, then go back to her and you'll know for sure!

Dating will consist of a minimum of two dinner dates, a movie date and one activity date. These can take place in a short or long period of time, whatever is most appropriate.

In my love for all I have a service for females too. It seems that almost every house I have lived in produces an engaged woman. So I will agree to have females seeking engagement come and live with me. Maybe I can set them up with the boys I'm dating. Who knows.

Book now, availability is limited!