Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Proud, Proud Parents

After my parents returned home from grad, they sent me an email asking if I would like my B.A announced in the local newspaper. I thought that was a rad idea and said sure. Since then we have been sending a few emails back and forth with edits of what should be put in this announcement. This morning I sent off what I figured would be the final edit. Then I received this from my Dad:
To: Laura Stewart
Subject: how about this

After 7 long, tortuous years, Laura Stewart has finally graduated from Redeemer University College in Ancaster with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religion & Theology and Theatre Arts with a minor in English. During Laura's tenure at the Redeemer, fire was discovered and the wheel was invented. It is Laua's intent to bum around this summer, generally drinking too much, staying up too late and hanging around with the wrong sort of people. Next year she's leaving the country. See you around, Laura!
And then this:
Redeemer University College of Ancaster, Ontario regretfully announces the graduation of Laura Stewart of Brighton. Laura was a cash cow for the University, taking 7 years to complete her B.A., majoring in Religion & Theology and Theatre Arts with a minor in English. Although she wasn't always timely with her payments, she was, until her last installment, dependable. Good luck, Laura. How about some night courses in the fall?

I'll scan ya the real one when it hits the papers!

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