Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Sunshine Is Golden

So I'm sitting beside the gym of the Ponderosa Motor Inn in Golden, BC. Highway #1 is closed from Golden to Revelstoke because of a mudslide in Glacier Bay National Park. If you consult a map you'll see that the only way to get where we want to go (which is Whistler) is to take said closed highway - unless we want to go up through Jasper, which we don't. Alors, we're just sitting here in the west end of Golden waiting for the road to open again. The radio and the interweb tell us that it will be around 2pm mountain time for that to happen, but thats not a guarantee, and they'll update us about half an hour before that to see for sure. Sadly we're really at the west, west end of things, so it would be a long walk to anything other than some restaurants or hotels, so no postcards to be found for me. Actually I haven't bought a postcard yet - so sad. John is keeping very solid guard of the car as he doesn't entirely trust the growing band of travelers that are clogging up there. I can understand, its not his car.

There is a very large cross section of humanity lined up along the Trans-Canada Highway on a Saturday of the first long weekend of the summer. Oh - John just joined me in the shade of the unsecured internet land. Anyway, yeah, we're just chilling here, looking at some mountains, breathing some air.

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