Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ferrys, Rain, Sun, GPS

So remember when I said we were doing things in an approximate way? Well I meant it. John’s girlfriend’s father gave us his GPS unit to use in our travels. It’s not quite as slick as the unit we used to head down south, but still helpful. We figured it would strongly suggest we take the 407 north to the 400 and upwards. Surprisingly it didn’t. It suggested we take highway 6 as far north as we could – Tobermory. Cough, what?

When we scanned out on the GPS map and it said we needed to drive across Georgian Bay. This troubled us as we don’t have an amphibious car. Consultation with John’s map book revealed there was a ferry. As we continued to head north through Guelph we thought we should find out maybe when the ferry was leaving, what it cost, etc. One of John's friends randomly had the ferry number in his phone, we called and we decided that we could make the 1:30 ferry.

We made the ferry. It was choppy. We were a little nauseous for a bit. Got our sea legs and rode out the hour and forty-five minutes.

We are now in Sault St. Marie and just had supper and we're heading up Wawa way to likely sleep in the car.

I'll get some pictures up when I'm not using weak wireless at Dairy Queen.

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