Monday, May 26, 2008

Thoughts, Goals, Time, Space and Bicycles

Fact: I am unemployed
Fact: I am very tired

After a visit to a treasured friend last week I had a thought. The thought was that maybe I didn't get the job I had really hoped for because God was giving me a gift of time. The past 7 years here in Hamilton have been great, but they have been hard. I was saying to a friend last night that this post graduation feeling is like I'm standing on a peak of a mountain - its not the tallest peak, but the view is still breathtaking. But standing on this peak, I am not unscathed. I have scars, I am bruised, I am bleeding, in spots I am broken. None of this detracts from the view, in fact it makes it sweeter.

So I think that this summer, unless God tells/shows me different I am going to try and just get enough work to pay the bills. This will leave me with time to sleep more and let my body heal, time to pray and soak in the word, time to do lots of core strengthening ball exercises, and whatever else comes my way. This of course is all up to discipline, finding the right amount of part time work (I have ideas) and a few other things. If full time work that doesn't kill me comes along and I'm supposed to take it, then I will. But I think this is the plan of action for now.

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