Saturday, January 31, 2004


Finally I was able to get my hot big hands on the webcams that I ordered before Christmas. In my room right now are three Logitech Quickcam Messenger cameras. One is hooked up to my computer. Once these get distributed my parents (who already have a cam), my brother, my brother's girlfriend Julie, and myself will all have cameras. This was a Christmas plan. With my brother's recent move to Iowa (btw, he's attending Graceland University down there) we thought it would be a cool idea for us all to have one. Of course we have yet to see if we are as smart as we think we are. But as I type I'm waiting for my Dad to finish breakfast and come online so I can try this out.....minutes have and technology didn't exactly work together. I forced my Mom to sit and try it. We could both see each other, but I could only hear her. Frustrating. Its going to take us a bit to get this all ironed out.

I need to shower and eat and stuff before choir. I'm a little bitter about this choir rehearsal...i should be with my parents this weekend. But I'm not. Though if I had gone home I wouldn't have got the cams and I wouldn't have had such a great time last night with Jenn and Amy. Hooray for the providence of God.

Friday, January 30, 2004

my dad just emailed me to say "So, you can expect your beatings to begin when I next see you - Laura, that will be in a couple of weeks, and John, I'll get practiced up on Laura." this in response to the spanking law. check it out

Is it ok that I think it was awkward to hear my Mom tell me that her walking and sitting days are numbered? Its true, they are, but still strange to hear. Though, I'm glad she is up beat about what is happening to her. For those just joining this saga: after Christmas my Mom was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Which is: "Stenosis means narrowing. In spinal stenosis, the spinal canal, which contains and protects the spinal cord and nerve roots, narrows and pinches the spinal cord and nerves. The result is low back pain as well as pain in the legs. Stenosis may pinch the nerves that control muscle power and sensation in the legs." (AAOS) At this point in my Mom's case it means she can't stand long enough to make supper, or sit upright long enough to eat it. Kind of sucky if you ask me. But she says it pretty rightly in that it is only a change in routine. With my brother having just moved to Iowa it was great timing for a change. And she's still pretty lucky, she can walk, and she can sit, some. She could be in a wheelchair or worse. She's pretty funny. When I was talking to her on the phone she said that she had the mind of a child, the body of a 48 year old, and the skeleton of an elderly person.


Should I R.A?
I'm having some trouble deciding the answer to this. I think at this point I'm going to fill out the application and hand it in. There is zero guarantee that I would be accepted. And even if I am I can decline should my roommate problem be alleviated. It would be quite a change to move back on campus. And I wouldn't be able to keep my job at the Pita Pit, and I really like working there. Man, I wish $$ wasn't playing such a role in this. I should stop typing and go back to praying (and napping).

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

oh, by the cousin Katherine called me last night and asked me if i would be her maid of honour. she's getting married this fall. i cried when she asked, and then i said yes. she's awesome. her dad and my dad farm together, so we grew up together. she's five years older that me and she's like the older sibling i never had. i just wish she was a Christian. though i applaud her honesty about her wedding...she's not having it in a church. she didn't want to be a hypocrite and have in one when God isn't a part of her life or the life of her fianceƩ. so in my own way i'll take care of the God part. creepy thing is...she wants to have a "Humanist Officiant". the term gives me the willies. but i don't think there is much difference between an HO and a JOP so whatev.
Succumbing to weakness
How I don't give a rats ass about Sam and Froddo
Your Mom
My Mom
Beat Poetry

So many titles and subjects....

So, by special request here is the "poem" that I did at coffeehouse this month...

(clearing throat)

The timeout is pleased to let you read that now engaged is Eneke Van Dutchma,
Then my Mom calls and asks about my dating life, and I say, not much ma


She's the devil!! Oma can't see her, quick, put on some klumpen, here's a King mint for your breath and I've taken the liberty of sewing some droopies to your dress, be sure to mention you're a farmer


Email from Dr Cooper: we are happy to announce that our MRS degree will now be recognized outside the Dutch peoples,
So go ahead and bring out those red haired, green-eyed babies! mixies unite!


Well, how am i to keep a roommate? the mate rate is set to escalate. on what date? oh great, what will be my fate and wait, what shall i use as bait?


Hey, Henk! John! Klaas, what are you doing after night church?

So there you have it. And can I just say that I laughed out loud when I read the review of my act in the crown. The part about my costume being "arguably offensive" was great. I almost busted my gut. I'm quite sure it was offensive. Most things about me are. Though I can't say I expect someone with a 'Van' in their last name to know what its like to be a light skinned sister. Ouch, that was harsh. I almost take it back. One of my friends asked me if I got the dress at Value Village. I actually got it first hand at a market in Ghana, West Africa. The head wrap on the other hand, was a shirt my Mom thought I would wear. So maybe for my next coffeehouse performance I'll wear a mini-skirt and a tube (toob, boob) top, which is MUCH less offensive.


I miss singing in a Christian band/worship leady type setting. Before I came to Redeemer I sang with the Northumberland Youth For Christ youth ministry music team, Selah. It was good times. I miss the singing and the challenge. Perhaps I should audition for one of the Redeemer groups.

Ok, so I seriously need to do some major reading.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

i fixed the time on this thing. turns out i don't live in L.A
I wish I was deep...

I look at the blogs of others and then look at myself with shame. The battle in my head starts. There are some excuses pertaining to most people my age and the head start on education that i gave them. There is chastisement about being a Christian, using my mind, and being more aware. There are few results.

When I get up in the morning I check the Weather Network page for Hamilton and then the CBC News page. I scan the paper during the week, when I get it free at school, and I bring back-issues of Macleans from my parents. They are my esteemed bathroom reading. (side note: agggh! i can hear my landlord watching porn...time to turn the stereo up) I also watch The West Wing. I'm not sure that counts for much.

I don't know. I'm a feeling person, an artist (and in this case, not an intellectual). I just don't sit around thinking about monotheism. I didn't know monotheism existed until two weeks ago. The urge to start blaming is rising within me.... the rural United Church i was raised in, family, over crowded public highschool? How 'bout myself? Yes, how 'bout that?

My rallying cry is that I am back in school. I'm not a Religion and Theology major because I am steeped in its pools. I am there to learn. To learn things I did not know. So you can sit beside me REL 201 and tell me its bullshit, but I've never heard of exegesis before and I want to know. I want to learn.

Ok, I'm done. Its almost time for the Simpsons. And I still haven't really slept since church.
y the heck does it say that its 2 in the this site in some strange timezone man? whats the deal, its frickin' quarter to six in the A.M...whatever!
As you'll be able to see at the bottom of this, its around 5:30 in the morning. I just got home from work. I work at the Pita Pit by McMaster, and at least once a weekend I stay up till the wee hours of the morning serving the drunks of this fair city. My Mom wonders why I keep a job that interrupts my sleeping habits in such a drastic way. Well a)its a job and job = rent + food + tuition, these are all important, b)i like it, we have a very unique flavour to the staff and atmosphere of the store, we have a blast during bar rush shifts, turn up the music, do some dancing and roll some pitas. c)i'm the only Christian that works there, so i have some real opportunities to share the Gospel, and d)its in Westdale, which is one of the coolest places i've ever lived.

These "night shifts" have their draw backs, especially the Saturday ones. So its 5:32am now and i still have to shower and go to bed. Church starts at I'll end up with a little less than 3 hours sleep. "Stewie, why not keep sleeping and go to night church?" I'm just not a night church kinda gal. Another draw back is the coldness with the showering...ick. I get all cold in my car and then I have to shower cause I smell of meat, pinesol and onions, but shower means I have to remove the pre-fab fibres that are keeping me relatively warm, then I have to get all wet and cold...mer. But I know that when it comes time to get up I won't have the motivation to shower, so I do it before sleeping. I'm sure you're really glad you know that.

Ok, well my eyelids are getting really droopy, so I best have the shower. Take care of yourself today!

ps, can i just say that spell check wanted to change Westdale to Estella and McMaster to

Saturday, January 24, 2004

....the first posting. there isn't anything for me to check off tell you that i'm not listening to any music, that i just woke up and that my apartment is cold. bummer. that could be motivation to relearn some html...probably not.

now this post should have some sort of theme or subject like...waxing my legs, the cost of aids cocktails in third world countries, my brother, or hearing my landlord have sex. perhaps it will be something relatively meaningless like 5 birthdays in 2 weeks...

yes, that is perfect. got to keep it simple...

Last week and this week I will celebrate 5 birthdays with my friends and family: 2 Ruths, a Kathryn, a Sonya and a Father. Its kinda like Christmas time all over. Do you get presents, is just sending a card ok, etc. I feel this is setting me up for the at least 4 weddings I'm going to this summer. Student budgets and gifts are not friends, most definitely they are foe.

Ok, well I have to make a card before tonight, when I go out to celebrate birthday #4. And I have to poop.

You're a sucker for knowing that now....sucker!