Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not Sweetest Of Ideas

I have to get some blood work done as a part of my yearly physical.  My doctor thought we should do the kind where I fast for 12 hours.  I'm about to hit hour 4 of not eating, which is not exactly a feat worth heralding.

In an act of distraction I've been doing some "surfing" of the "world wide interweb" and without thinking ended up at a site about cake.

Cake as you may know is a food - a delicious, delectable food.  I like to have cake in my hand, my mouth and my stomach.  I like vanilla cake with lots of icing.

That last rant just made my stomach hurt.  I'm going to stop looking at cakes on the internet and perhaps read the news instead.  It'll be more stomach turning, which will help with my stomach's yearning.

Also - http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ is awesome, go there, now.

Monday, July 05, 2010

I saw my first zebra a week ago.  Actually maybe it wasn't my first.  I probably saw one at the Toronto Metro Zoo when I was a wee lass, so...uh... ok: I saw my first zebra in Bowmanville.