Saturday, May 17, 2008

B-Randon And Onward

I kind of ran out of time to give you the skinny about Brandon, MB. We stayed here:

It was actually pretty nice. They have a water slide - which was closed since we got there late and left early - and a bar called The 40, and they had a fridge in the room, which was nice. Oh, and lots of water pressure.

Highlights of yesterday's drive include:
  • meeting a man who has been with A&W in Canada for 45 year - the longest in the country. his name is Ron and if you see nostalgia pics in A&W restaurants of some dude in a chicken man car, its him
  • talking more about moose, and then John seeing one lumbering along the side of the road, looking a little like a horse with antlers, me going, "woah yeah" and then it actually turning out to be a hiker with a really tall backpack
  • John doing a few push-ups in the middle of the Trans Canada Highway
It looks like we're pushing on to Whistler from here. Woooord.

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