Saturday, April 29, 2006

We're Somewhere

Well actually, I do know that I'm in a Ramada in Abbotsford, but in a few hours we'll be getting up and heading to Seatle. I thought I'd let you know that we and allllll of our luggage made it here just fine and without any major (or minor really) incident. Here are some pics for your delight or disgust...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You're On the Run (With Laura)

So in about 6 or 7 hours I'm going to wake up and finish my packing (which will involve some serious madwoman skills). Then at 5, some amazing people (who's names may rhyme with Sarah, Tom, Kat and Dan) are coming to help me move and to make sure that my back doesn't die (which it will, cause i'll do stupid things, cause i'm a stupid girl). After the moving is done I'll be doing my part of cleaning the whole house. Then I will go to Miranda de Rooy's for a shower and snooze. On Thursday I will study my brains out for my last exam, I will write that exam and I will go to Jen Larose's for sleeping and love. On Friday I will go to Redeemer. I will go to Redeemer in order to leave for choir tour. I will be gone from Apr 28-May 8 to B.C and W.A. Then I will come back and get my things from all around the neighbourhood, move them into the apartment and commence life with working for the city and my first of 16-18 weeks of allergy shots!

I will have my lappy with me on tour, so I'll try and blog as much as geekily possible (pssst and my tour buddy has a digi cam, so there could be some pics...but keep it on the DL).

So now you know what is happening and why I could have a bit of an absence from life (oh how i wish that where true....sigh).


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guess Who Is Engaged?

Now that she's in Japan and told Brian and Christine I can safely blog about Lorraine and Paul's engagement.

We congratulate you!

Monday, April 24, 2006

I now own an Epipen

Oh Neil...

A quote from Neil Young:

“You’re always going to rub someone the wrong way when you sing, ‘let’s impeach the president,’” the 60-year-old singer told the Los Angeles Times on Friday. “But that’s what this country’s all about – being able to express your views.”

Monday, April 17, 2006

Which One?

I have been told that I am the spitting image of my Mom and that my Dad and I look sooo much alike. I have also been told that my brother and I could be twins. I have this feeling that both John and I are a good blend/mix of both parents. Just to see, I had some pics of Mom, Dad and I taken this weekend. Unfortunately John was in Iowa winning 4 games in a row, and therefore unable to come home for Easter and have his picture taken with us. We still love him.

So weigh in, if you think I look SO much more like one parent than the other let me know...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

You never know...

You never know when you show up for a funeral that you'll be conscripted to sing in the choir for it.

A post morning devo thought:

I hope I never get my teeth gnashed. But if I do at least I'll know it's biblical.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In that boat with everyone else

Today was the last day of classes. I feel there should be some jubilance. I even think I could find the time for jubilence, but I can't find the money. Frigging money. I would like to be able to afford pizza or cheese cappelletti (or my bills or groceries). Instead I'll be here, in my bed, laying on my ice pack, being a good girl and working on the three papers and one creative alternative that I have to finish in the next few days, and packing, and singing, and moving and yeah. I'm tired and poor; just like everyone else.

Creative Alternative

This is a pic that I took yesterday. The model is Heather Van Harten. It is a part of my creative alternative for my Can Lit class. I think it is a hot photo.


Image courtesy of Married to the Sea

Monday, April 10, 2006

Painful Frustration of a Secular Sort

I don't want to understand this horror
There's a weight in your eyes
I can't admit
Everybody ends up here in bottles
But the name tag's the last thing you wanted

As the world explodes
We fall out of it
And we can't let go
Because this will not go away
There's a house built out in space

I can't see that thief
That lives inside of your head
But I can be some courage at
The side of you bed
I don't know what's happening
And I can't pretend
But I can be your, be your

Someone help us understand
Who ordered this disgusting
Arrangement, time and the end
I don't want to hear who walked
On water, because the hallways are empty
And the clocks tick

As the world implodes
We fall into it
And we can't go home
Because this will not go away
There's a house built out in space

I can't see that thief
That lives inside of your head
But I can be some courage at
The side of you bed
I don't know what's happening
And I can't pretend

It's a long, long get away
It's a long, long get away
Make it home again
Make it home again
It's a long, long get away
It's a long, long get away

I can't see that thief
That lives inside of your head
But I can be some courage at
The side of you bed
I don't know what's happening
And I can't pretend
But I can be your, be your

-"Thief" by Our Lady Peace

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The retirement residence where my Grandparents live had been for sale for a while. It has recently been purchased and the other day the new owner's name was released. Also released was what the new owner is going to call the residence. It is currently called Dorland House after the Dorland family who owned it. The new name is.... Fairyland Village. Yes, that's right, my Grandma and Grandpa Stewart (as of Monday) live in Fairyland Village. Cough.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A thought...

Now you can call me post modern but I think we need to update a couple of colloquial phrases...

The phrases that go something like, "If you looked up drunk in the dictionary/encyclopedia, you'd find Jo." should be changed to, "If you googled drunk, you'd get Jo."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Lets all welcome Monika Hintz to the blog world...clap, clap, clap.


From The Sneeze

This Wednesday night, shortly after 1 AM, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. If you can't stay awake for that one, catch the repeat that afternoon.


From Lesley

let's play a game bloggers.... take your age.... find that post number, then take the month of the year we're in so it's um.. April, sooooo, 4th month... then look up the fourth sentence in your post..... let's post the sentence.....

"Its not set up very well, but it is still filled with hours of hilarious fun."

Well, wasn't that fun.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Once upon a time I got an email from the Raptors suggesting that I nominate someone to be the Raptors/BMO Hero of the Game. So I did. I nominated Karmyn. If you know Karmyn at all you can understand why I did that, but mostly it was because of Kristel's comment on this post (ignore the fact that it says 0 comments - they are still there). Well, a few weeks after I nominated her she was chosen, and so, for Sunday, April 3, 2006, Karmyn was the Hero of the Game. That meant that she got 4 free tickets (that were worth $156 a piece!) and two free jerseys!

Yesterday Jo, Ben, Karmyn and I went to the ACC and watched the Raptors lose in double overtime. Good times were had by all.

There was some consumption of hot dogs that had been purchased from a vendor who gave us reason to believe he was suffering from a mental illness. He really liked Karmyn.

We got there pretty early. Jo noticed that our seats were very close to the DJ table. So we spent some time making friends with Jamaal and Tyrone.

Ben toyed with the idea of proposing to Karmyn (again) while we were on the jumbo-tron during the Hero of the Game segment.

The BMO lady came by pretty early on - she looked significantly coked out - and tossed a bag in Karmyn's direction. It contained the two jerseys. They were both sized Youth Medium. Cough. Um, it was a little snug for Karmyn and for me it was, well impossible. Fortunately we were later able to exchange them.

Oh the Raptors Dance Pack, so much dancing. They came out for every time out in the 4th quarter. They didn't impress me. We're thinking of auditioning for the Pack next year. I guess we should have kept the smaller jerseys.

Aww, my two roomies with their very characteristic love language of touch.

We might have had a 45 minute wait for our GO train.

The Booty Barn.

In the jersey exchange there ended up being some store credit, so Karm and I both got toques too. Then, because the Raptors scored over 100 points our tickets were redeemable for a free slice of pizza from any Pizza Pizza in the GTA (which we hit up on our way home from the GO station in Clarkson) AND they were giving away free POGS at the door. So much good, so much hero!

Mom's Birthday

Mom and her tiara which she wore alllll day long and then the next day too, she still may be wearing it now!

This is the amethyst ring my Dad got for my Mom.

Mom has a new favourite drink. She showed Dad and I how to drain the bottle.

So Dad got her another one!

Lots of flowers!

Cousin Katherine brought her daughter Leah: me+baby+digital camera=fun