Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Coalition for the Extermination of Dial Up Internet

I'm leaving for my parents' place in about an hour. I'll be there till we leave. So if you need to get a hold of me, do it there. Need the number? Email me.

Once I leave the country I'll likely only update the India blog. So check there. Though, if I have funny off colour stories to post, they will exist here! Whoot!

Keep yourselves safe and single till I get back. And then we'll party and pray like its no body's business!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Which Is More Expensive?

After being informed of my roommate Marleah's happy news (see previous post - i'm not linking it for you - you can scroll down there you lazy thing you) I got to thinking....

I discovered that since I moved out of my parents house in the fall of '01 I have always lived with at least one person who was a smoker or engaged or both.

And yet, I am neither. I wish I was better at math so I could break down some stats about that. Then next year when I'm needing new roommates I can let them know how likely they are to either start smoking or get engaged.

If you're thinking about living with me next year maybe you should start saving your money (ack...i sound like the ING guy! DUTCH!! ack!)for cigarettes or a wedding.

The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Marleah Moelker is engaged! She and her boyfriend Tim got engaged last week. Whoot, whoot, whoot!

They have started a blog that will document their progress as an engaged couple. So, check their blogs, check the new blog.. but whatever you do, make sure you offer you congratulations!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Over 200

I'm over 200 posts in two days short of six months. Not that Blogger would tell me that - my dashboard says I've been at 91 posts for three weeks now...grumble

So to honour myself I'm going to pick out a few highlighty type posts that you can revisit should you choose.

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Beat Poetry

A Poem

i see you moon & you wink
the stars twinkle and laugh
all at me, the fool

you share your light
but not your love
enough to tempt & tease

i share contempt & hate
you see inside my heart
and you see it empty


Monday, June 21, 2004

Volleyball or RJ's Killer Over Hand Serve

Yesterday after church I joined the beach volleyball crew for the first time. It was excellent fun and a had an awesome time. I did find it funny that the only two girls there were both named Laura (and we rocked the court!).

Today I am so very sore. In retrospect it may not have been the wisest decision to bike to the school, play volleyball for almost 3 hours and then bike back against the wind. Especially since I hadn't really played vball since highschool - and when I play things I play them hard. My body prints were ALL OVER the sand.

Also today I have some bruising on my fore arms. I'd call that the courtesy call of Ben Goheen and Rob Joustra with their killer serves!

I'll see you guys on the court when I come back in August!

All of those little red marks are broken blood vessels.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Fun Times @ The Tiki Party!

Mel, Laura and Kate: shaken, not stirred. Notice the awesome lights at the top of the pic

We're a tiki totem pole!

I dunno?!? I guess you have to be this photogenic to be a manager at the Pita Pit

Pictures courtesy of Mel

Saturday, June 19, 2004


Sometimes I really hate how relationships have to change. Like when someone used to live 30 seconds away, and then 5 minutes and then across the world..but then they move back but they're still kinda far away and you wish that they still lived 30 seconds away. Or if they only are on the other side of the country and you know you'll be able to see them in relative soonness, but the relation of that soon is dependent on your mood and how much you miss them at any given moment. Sigh.

Tiki Party

I have to say that I am a little excited. I am going to a Tiki Party tonight. It couples also as a birthday party for my lovely pita rolling pal Melissa. She is 21 today...anyway back to this party...

Melissa's Dad has gone ALL out for this gathering. He built a palm tree out of a birch tree and palm leaves (or something like that), he put beige carpet around the tree to make it look like sand. There are tiki torches, a kiddie pool that has lights, and a spiked punch complete with floating gummy sharks! Baby! I am pumped for this.

I stopped by Dollarama to pick up a few 'accessories', ask me for pictures sometime.

Party On!

ps I cannot wait to see Melissa and her Dad's girlfriend Diane in their shell bra's...sweet..I'm jealous.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I said it and then i couldn't believe that i said it...

About a song that came on the radio at work:

"it just makes me want to take off my shirt and put on roller skates.


I finally get to annouce someone

I would like to present my first Pita Pit convert to blogging: Melissa Steep. Please welcome her into the blogging community, clap, clap, clap...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

It Cuts Me Deep!

My guitar is f'd. And you know what? I'm tired, I'm PMSing and I smell like meat, so if I want to say f'd then I'm going to say f'd! F'd, f'd, f'd! Hold me in the highest contempt. I don't care.

The tuning peg (like the whole bloomin' peg) for my G string (insert G-string jokes here) is wrecked. And that hurts me. It means I can't practice...

I should back up. The plastic part of the peg was cracked, I made a note of it and was going to have it fixed when I took it in to the 12th Fret for its yearly(ish)tune up. Then I remembered that I really needed to change my strings before Rachel and Jason's Stag and Doe. So I change les strings. I go to tune the next day and the plastic thing breaks off. Merr. I follow that up with a series of bone-head moves to tune the guitar and end up essentially crushing the metal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So like I said I can't practice for the S&D, but that leaves me without a 'tar. And cod sarn it I want my guitar! I was fretting about what to do, and this fretting in my own special style was of course out loud - to Marleah and her boyfriend and many others...anyway.. Tim says he can get a buddy's Norman for me to use for Thursday and Friday! Well I'll get it Thursday night and I have to work all day Friday but you know...So I'm glad for that but..

It hurts that my guitar is sick. I don't like it when its sick. Its like a part of me is sick. Oh sickie! Lamentations, lamentations!

I'm dumb. The end.

Its After Midnight So....


You = Awesome
Me = Privileged to be your friend
Everyone = Blessed by you

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

For Father's Day?

Comb Over Cap
Item No: 39171
Price: $14.98
Item is in stock

Red cotton brim with flesh-colored latex top and "stylish" comb-over effect is guaranteed to get laughs--great over-the-hill gag! Adjusts to fit geezers of all sizes!

From: Things You Never Knew Existed

Monday, June 14, 2004

The Up/Down Dichotomy

Sometimes I have to laugh at nature's joke on Hamilton - the Niagara escarpment. It is no mountain that is for sure (though I have an email in to a sciency friend to see just what the requirements are to attain mountain status).

I think I would have liked to have been around when Hamilton was starting out. Who decided to make the place on top of the hill and at the bottom of the hill the same town? And then you've got Ancaster and Dundas which are almost like little mirrors of each other (with Dundas being much more awesome). It all seems a little ridiculous.

As I was driving to church yesterday I wondered how many businesses would be redundant (and eliminated) if the escarpment flattened out. Also, since there is hoards of housing development going on top of the mountain would there be an extra 100,000 people in Hamilton? Since there is a big bump in the city, taking up space, do you think that they'll try and find a way to make more houses of the slanty variety - right on the escarpment?

Just ponderings.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


This was a messenger conversation between my Mom and I:

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
when dad wakes up you should tell him that he needs to change your online name

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says: canI do it?

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says: there is the little MSN Messenger icon at the bottom right hand of your screen

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
do you see the icon? it will be a little grey bust of a person

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says:
hey i found it

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
double click on it

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says:
i did

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
did a "window" pop up?

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says:

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
excellent. near the top of that window you'll see your online name

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says:

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
right beside it, to the left will be a little white box with a tiny downwards arrow in it

Chad Sexington sez: "I wish it would quit raining, and I'll probably regret saying that before the summer is over." says:
yes I see it

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
click on it, a menu will come down. choose "Personal Settings"

I'm the Mom, and I say LARGE poutines give you big time drop ass!! says:
ok I typed a new name lets se what happens

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
it worked!

I'm the Mom, and I say LARGE poutines give you big time drop ass!! says:

I'm the Mom, and I say LARGE poutines give you big time drop ass!! says:
I'm so cool!!

!Schenectady! straw hats and fanny packs says:
this is the truth!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Updated Info on the Stag and Doe, Yo!

(pasted from an email....)


The marvelous RACHEL EPPS and the stunning JASON LEGG are soon to be married!

On June 18th,

there’s going to be a HUGE party, and YOU want to be there!

The evening features a BBQ starting at 6:30pm, lots of FANTASTIC games, and an amazing CONCERT starting at 8pm!

This gala is in the wonderful Dylon Nofziger’s backyard, so you will want to come prepared with lawn chairs. The event is also BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), but there will be lots of delicious refreshments available at the party. The concert features amazing musical talent, such as the great tunes of James Blomendaal, Laura Stewart, Ashley Hayman, Mikey Arce, Nathan Martin, Ben Goheen, and Mira Ponomarenko!

So buy your ticket today! Tickets are $8 and we would love it if you bought them in advance from Mira Ponomarenko at 905-304-6510, Ashley Hayman at 519-622-8026, or Dylon Nofziger at 905-304-9145.

Directions to Dylon’s backyard:

-from the 403 (and/or QEW… just take the QEW to the 403 Brantford):

Take the Garner Road exit. Turn left onto Garner/Rymal Road. Just before the Redeemer University College building, turn left onto Kitty Murry Lane. The house in on the right, and is #421.

-from the LINC take the Garth St exit. Turn away from the lake (if you’re going East take a left) all the way down Garth Street. Almost at the end, turn right on Garner Road/Rymal Road. Just past Redeemer University College, turn right on Kitty Murry Lane, and Dylon’s house is # 421.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Soon and Very Soon

I just wanted to say that its 2 weeks and one day until Marie Stevens and Lorraine Dykstra are back in Canada. I will be glad when they are. I have missed them greatly.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Something I Love (notice the sarcasm)

Something I love is when my co-workers choose to go out in large group and get trashed. And on their way out they have to stop into the store and on their way back they have to stop in at the store (at which point they put their face all over the window we just cleaned and then start humping the window which we just cleaned the face print off of).

Then surprisingly when they all have to come into work the next day they do a shitty job all day and ask others to come in early and cover for them because they aren't feeling well. So then when I come in (with my other evening staff) we are behind on all of the work and have to bust our butts to catch up.

I love it. I just love it.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


As a dutiful roommate it is my job to inform you that Marleah Moelker turns 21 tomorrow (June 9, 2004). So please feel free to bombard our house with phone calls and gifts of a celebratory nature. You may also wish to bombard her inbox or the comment system on her blog.

Happy Birthday Mar!

Monday, June 07, 2004

I love it when my mom sends me emails while she is on drugs...

bg info: abby is one of our cats, and my mom has to take drugs for her back issues, she also went to the dentist today

----- Original Message -----
From: Bruce Stewart
To: Laura Stewart
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 6:32 PM
Subject: abby just walked in front of the screen

At least she still love me. Dad held her this morning and I tried real hard to get some hair balls combed out of her. Man her yeowled and cried and flattened her ears and got all hot...but she still love me tonight. Gotta love the animals huh!
My teeth hurt but my ear is not blocked any more. In fact my teeth are clean and so are both ears.!!
I hurt and burn in the legs tonight too. Johnny gave me a couple of Tylanol3 and gravol about 15 min ago so that will make me feel better.
I love you.

A Trip To Bramladesh (aka Brampton)

Yesterday Dylon Nofziger and I took off after lunch to see fellow India team member and awesome cool girl, Alaina Frankruyter. Fun times were guaranteed, and we were not disappointed.

We (Dylon, Alaina, Sandy Newbigin and Dean Schat {the horse}) had many an adventure. These included: making horse calls to other horses, tormenting craft show participants, buying three way toooooo large frosters, taking pictures at the corner of Van Kirk and Van Scott (agh the dutch are everywhere), the small goose/gosling debate, playing catch by the pond, deep conversations with Sandy Newbigin, spraying me with feta, yummy hamburgers, fresh eclairs, Neptune, Patcholi, Fred, Lavermint & Peppendar, and learning how women have no place on the g.o.l.f course.

Also on our way to return a movie we drove through Alaina's old neighbourhood, which is also James Bloemendal's neck of the woods. So in my bold fashion I pounded on Jimmy's door and spent the next half an hour with him, Christy and the rest of our posse. I think he was surprised to have three Redeemerites show up at his door. Sucker.

It would have been a perfect day if not for my stupid head which left me nauseous and quite for most of the night. A little vomiting, some drugs and a night's sleep helped with that.


Thursday, June 03, 2004


I created another blog just for the India trip. So whilst I/we are gone and you want to see if I'm still alive you can go to:

I will only be able to update it when I have internet access (duh), and I have NO idea how often that will be.


A New Skill

Hello, this is part of keeping my summer blog warrior status. Everyone can post pics but me. It was embarrassing! So I tried that Hello picture thing. It was scary and wierd. I thought I'd try the old fashioned way. But where would I host my pics? Ah my "personal web space" at sympatico. Excellent.

So this is a pic of me before leaving for Andrea Winslow's (nee Kraay) wedding. Note that even though I have two contacts in, my eyes are two different colours.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Throwing Vegetables or Streaking, I Couldn't Decide

The lovely PM, PM was in the hammer today. In fact he was in Westdale doing a walk about. A very thrilling event indeed for west Hamilton.

Though I'm not sure the commuters enjoyed having traffic interrupted by a campaign stop. His bus was parked almost in the middle of Westdale's busiest intersection. Plus the police cars, news vehicles and body guards furthered the congestion.

I will admit that I called my parents to tell them that I could see the Prime Minister from the front window of the Pita Pit. And our store owner waited with the crowd for Mr Martin to come off his bus, in hopes that he could convince the Prime Minister to come to the store for a pita. His efforts were in vain.


Ok, so I've said time and time again that I'm not a thinker. And I mean that in the sense that I don't sit around thinking about theories or relations. But I will state that I do think, a lot.

In fact I have a problem where I can't stop thinking. I know to those who don't know me very well I can seem pretty laid back and casual. But the truth is that I am super anal retentive. SUPER retentive. My bum is actually twice the size it appears to be, but its so tight that it looks smaller.

I am the type of person who likes to have her ducks in a row. It makes me nervous and unsure when they aren't. This used to be a much larger problem then it is now. As a maturing Christian I have been learning to trust that God with take care of my ducks in His own way.

But still I think. And think. And think. Mostly I am preparing for things in my head. I try to think of my activities for a day and what I might encounter while doing those activities and how I'll need to react and such. Its very tiring.

My friend Daryl tried to challenge me on it and said that it was a pride thing. I don't think it is. I think if it was about pride than I would be more outwardly organized and I would be doing different activities.

I think that rather than pride it is an issue of fear and confidence. That if I am not prepared for all things then I may let someone or more likely myself, down. So then I must be prepared for everything. Nice logic.

I do try to curb this thinking. A lot of it can happen at night. So, I rely on my trusty PC to pump out a couple of episodes of the Simpsons to distract me and laugh me to sleep.

I am aware that I am not the only one who cannot get their brain to shut off. Weigh in...

Deep Question

After I get married will people still call me Stewie?