Monday, May 19, 2008

Nita Lake Lodge

Well, we talked to John's landlord and her evil spin doctor daughter this morning. They told J that they could be out of his apartment by Sunday evening, but it would mean that there would exposed drywall and plaster in various places in the apartment, that the closet wouldn't be put back together, part of the bathroom would be left uncompleted too. Also, the dryer, half the point of this reno project, was not even working. So they wanted to figure that out, or they would have to call the contractor back after this long weekend. John didn't really want this, and he knew Hayley would not want to come back from a couple weeks in Costa Rica to a partially renovated apartment. Therefore we needed to let them stay over Sunday night and keep working on Monday.

Frankly, they weren't too apologetic about leaving John without an apartment and tried to blame him for coming back to an apartment that he pays rent for, a few days earlier than he had thought he would, and that they started renos they didn't know they could finish in time. Growl.

We didn't want to stay another night on someone's living room floor - and people had been fleeing town for the weekend. Nor did we want to skip town ourselves as I only have 2 days here in Whistler. So we considered a hotel. We told the landlady this and she said she would pay for the whole thing, then the daughter (who kept doing all the talking for her Mom and who I would willingly fight on behalf of my beloved brother), said that she should only pay half as she had been staying in a hotel for a bunch of the time that the renos were happening. In my head I gave her a lot of dirty looks. Fortunately for us, Mom and Dad generously agreed to pick up the other half.

The landlady had told us we had to stay at The Legend as it would be cheaper than other places. We walked in, asked them what their cheapest available room was and were quoted 309$. Cough, too much to get people to pay for. We were pretty bumed.

There was one hotel in the south of Creekside that we hadn't thought to check. So John in all his infinite wisdom thought we should walk down to Nita Lake Lodge. The lobby was very posh looking and we were expecting to be quoted hundreds of dollars. Buuut, no, already long story shorter, we are in a suite at the cost of 159$ plus taxes. Sweet suite.

We've just been relaxing tonight with the flat screen tvs. I'll post some pics tomorrow or the next day. But this place is nice! So we're doing ok.

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