Thursday, April 29, 2004

On my way back

Gayle and I are losers. We checked and updated our blogs on tour. Ag. Back tomorrow night.

Friday, April 23, 2004

For a bit

Hey peeps,
My phone and internet will be disconnected at some point in the next twelve hours so I thought I should do this whilst I could.


So yeah, I'm gone for a week, posting will be limited, if at all. I'll have fun. And if I really love you (which I likely don't) I'll send you a postcard. Ag, I'm a wench. I love you. Really. I just can't afford to send EV-UH-REE buddy a postcard. Ok, I'm rambling.


Thursday, April 22, 2004


You find moving:
a joyous occaison
to be like Christmas
similar to being stabbed in the neck with a hot fork, letting it scab and then having it ripped out


Free polls from

I have a confession

I own a personally autographed copy of Time and Chance: The Political Memoirs of Canada's First Woman Prime Minister by Kim Campbell. Yup, I met her. AND I have an entire scrapbook devoted to her.

*weight lifting off chest and shoulders*

let the ridicule commence


Hey, is anyone else going to bring their ball glove on tour? I think some parking lot games of catch might be a nice change of pace (provided we "aim for accuracy").

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Open Letter

Dear Dr. T.

I regret to inform you that I can no longer go on choir tour. I will be competing in the semi-finals for Miss Hooters Canada. I feel that being Miss Hooters Canada is really where God is calling me to be, and that I must as a Christian, obey that call.

I hope this doesn't put the choir in a tight spot. Wish me providential blessings.


Good To Know

This is how you would say, "Your mother smells of elderberries" in Dutch:

Uw moedergeuren van vlierbessen.

Remember that next time you have to "meet the parents".


Funny, but not so PC

So our India Team got our first round of shots yesterday. As a result my arm has been hurty. It was unpleasant during the exam I wrote a couple of hours after the shots. But whatever, its saves getting Hepatitis.

This morning as I was noticing that my arm was still quite hurty I contemplated emailing the team and asking them if they too felt like they had an ill-fitting prosthetic. Then I realized that having never had an artificial limb it might be in bad taste to send out such an email.

BUT, this got me to thinking about a thing that happened in high school that I would categorize as funny.

Whilst I was in high school I pretended to be athletic. I did this by being on the basketball, volleyball and track teams. All of this athletic activity aggravated my bum left knee. So I wore a neoprene brace to give lefty some extra support. I also had developed my (so far) life long problem of not wanting to remove the hair from my legs. To compensate I often wore very high socks, like baseball or soccer socks.

At the same time as all of this was happening I was the morning announcement girl. I would do the P.A system thing and then go down to class. One semester this was Phys Ed, so I had to run down from the main office, get changed and join my class. (I was also the athletic council president at the time, so the PE teachers loved me and didn't mind that i was late everyday).

One day I came out of the change room in my usual gym shirt, big basketball shorts, knee brace, high socks and court shoes, and joined the class in instruction for the class. As I was about to sit down this guy Mark blurts out, "Do you have a fake leg or something?" A good laugh was had and I asked him why he thought that. He pointed out that the only bit of skin showing on my left leg was right at my knee cap (the moving-type hole in the brace). I told him that I did indeed have a "fake leg", and it was such a good one that it grew hair. He was impressed. End of story.

Monday, April 19, 2004


Hey, our subletter just coped out on us and we have 4 days to find someone to take her spot. If you need a place to live for the summer just 4 min drive from RUC give Lisa Bierma a call ASAP. Its a nice place. And you'd be living with me!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It was a wet morning

So I did the MS Super Cities walk this morning. Last night I worked close at work and then returned after less than two hours sleep to meet the rest of the closers plus two more to go and register. We were team Pita Pit. Woooo.

So we registered and moved into the carnival atmosphere that was set up in St. Mary's highschool. There was free donuts and juice, and coffee. And then we found the face painting. We went with my brilliant idea to get ninja turtle masks (I was red). Harvey and Stew had to be different with a lightening bolt and a half blue face. We also drew pictures for the wall of art.

The boys went out for a smoke and came back with a report that it was raining cats & dogs. They held the walkers back for about 15 minutes, and the rain let up a bit. We took off on the course....then the lightening and thunder started. The thunder was so powerful that it set a car alarm off. Strangely enough the rain started harder then with drops the size of your heart falling with furry.

We kept walking, though we were all soaked to the bone. Erin and Andrew jumped in every deep puddle then could find, and then complained about how wet their pants were, and that they smelled like sewer.

Five kilometeres later we were back at the school for free hotdogs and watch batteries. A fun time was had by all.

More time wasted

Yesterday I put some more pics up.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Why study when you can....

I threw a bunch of pics off my comp onto this site. Weee.

Some Pictures of Things

Perceptions and Ranting

The two most common misconceptions about me are that I am a lesbian and that I am a feminist. I am most definitely not a lesbian and I would not consider myself to be much of a feminist either. I mean sure, I'm all for women being paid the same as men for doing the same job. Or for women being construction workers. But I am also very much in favour of myself getting an over-priced B.A., getting married and staying at home with my kids. I think if you're going to perceive something about me, you could accurately perceive that I am fairly liberal.

Now that we've firmly established my sexual orientation I'd like to ask some questions. Sometimes I rant to my female friends about my single status. Truthfully I am quite fine with my singleness, it allows me to do a lot of things. On the other hand, I think I would be quite fine starting another relationship. So I ask my female friends (cause they are obvious authorities on males), how is it that its been over two years since I've been asked on a date? They tell me that I am perceived as a strong, confident woman, and that guys are scared of that. Frankly I think that is poppycock. I think that I'm perceived as loud, boorish and hard to handle. Though not being someone other than myself I cannot be an authority on what others think of me.

Ok, I just had to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Spot On

The latest fortune cookie:

"You have a quiet and unobtrusive nature."

Oh dear.

Monday, April 12, 2004


(telephone ringing)
Richard Wikkerink: Hello?
Laura: Hy Richard its Laura.
RW: Hy Laura, what's up?
L: Well buddy, I've decided that I don't want to write my exams.
RW: Really.
L: Yeah, I'm just not in the mood. I talked to my profs about it. Two of the classes that I have exams in my marks are good. Those profs were fine with not writing the exam. In fact that were happy not to have to mark an extra one. One class I'm just passing, and the prof said he'd boost my participation mark to help me out. The last class I bombed the mid-term, but did well on the paper. The prof for that class said he liked the cut of my jib, that he enjoyed how well myself and my friends paid attention in the class and that he would give me a 65% for shits and giggles.
RW: I see.
L: So really, I'm just trying to clear things with you.
RW: Well, its seems like you've done all the leg work. I don't see why you can't do this. So just let me take care of the fine details.
L: Thanks dude, I really appreciate it.
RW: No troubles, I'm just happy to help.
L: Well I'll let you get back to work. Talk to you soon.
RW: Bye, thanks for calling.
L: Bye.

Saturday, April 10, 2004


I'm not sure I can make any sort of conclusions. But I was just thinking about how much the world is hurting right now. Especially in the Middle East. The news shows reenactments of Jesus walking to his death, and then cuts to burnt mutilated bodies hung from a bridge. We're a people crying out....though most don't know what they're crying out for. They just know that something is terribly wrong....its not supposed to be this way.

On this weekend we continue to crucify the only one that can save us.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Before i go to bed... or Choir Hoodies

I just wanted to state that next year I want choir hoodies. I know we'll have to pay for them, but for me it would worth every dime. Why should athletics get all the garment (K)glory? Why can't I sport a jaunty navy kanga pouch hoodie, that says Redeemer University College Concert Choir on the front, my name and section on the arm and has a treble (or bass) clef on the hood? You could wear this thing for your whole life. Your spouse would envy it (unless you marry from within the choir...alumni tour to Europe!!), your children would ask you, no, demand that you share the glorious stories of your choir days. All because of a lovely hoodie.

So if you're planning on being in the choir next year, and you want a hoodie, talk to me or someone with pull. Lets get this bandwagon rolling!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rocker Grrl

I decided the other day whilst jumping around my room that I want to be in a rock band. In essence I want to be the Laura Stewart version of Avril Levigne. (who by the way grew up a few towns over from me...must be the Bay of Quinte Water)

So if you're in a rock band and are looking for a crazy female singer/guitar player, give me a shout. I am also skilled at hand percussion...oooooh.

Maybe the Moelker Sisters and I will start our own rock band this summer....what to call it...Reformational Punk...umm...Ground Motive....In the Shower.... what do you think?

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Everyone Else Is Doing It...

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Monday, April 05, 2004

Brains Please

Howdy friends. I need your help(ish), you see I have this cousin, who is supporting me in the trip to India, but has raised some concerns. I tried to address some of them (though I kind of suck) and he has addressed them back and I need some help with my response.

What he wrote:
Dear Laura: We received your letter outlining your trip to India next
summer. It does sound like an interesting way to spend a month although
I do not envy the plane trip to get you there and back.
We will send off a small contribution towards your endeavor in the
hopes that it will help get you there and back safely.
I do feel obliged to tell you that I do not support the underlying
purpose of your trip with much enthusiasm. I do not think that we should
be trying to convert people of a different faith to one that we feel is
superior. For me, the important thing is that these people have a faith
and that they follow it. While I think of myself as a Christian, I do
not think Christianity is superior to other religions. There have been
some pretty terrible things done in the name of Christ. People in the
middle east shudder when they hear George Bush talk about a crusade
against terrorism. For them, the word crusade has bad connotations.
Having said that,thre have been some wonderful things done as well...
Albert Schwitzer (?) and Mother Theresa come to mind and I am sure that
these are the sorts of things you see yourself doing. That is admirable
and I hope that you will be successful in your committment to doing
So I have mixed feelings about ventures such as yours. I also think
that charity begins at home and I wonder why you have to go so far away
when there are so many needy people here at home. Think of the native
people living in sub-standard conditions in nothern communities. Think
of the homeless sleeping on Toronto's streets at night.
As the Secretary of the Lions Club I get one or two calls every
month from people right here in Brighton who need help: a mattress for a
child who has been sleeping on the floor, heat for a family who have had
their hydro cut off, a new pair of glasses for a child whose family
cannot afford them. There is a lot of hurting in the world. Much of it,
I admit, is in India and Africa.
There you are. I hope that you can understand my ambivalence over
what you are going to do. I'm sure that you will do good things there.
We wish you good luck.
PS Norma has been looking over my shoulder at this and while she may not
agree with everything I have said, she has not raised serious objections
so I guess she sort of, kind of, agrees with some of it. She says that
she admires your devotion and committment and I guess, in essence, that
is what we support.

What I responded with:
Dear Hugh,
Thanks for your financial contribution and your honesty. I'd like to respond to your comments.
The term conversion can carry many negative connotations. Please rest assured that I have never been involved with a group that has shoved Christ down the throats of those with or without an existing faith. It is simply not the way. I (and many others) prefer to show others the love of Christ by example and we invite them (gently) to accept Christ into their lives. Though most of the time this acceptance is as a result of the acceptee approaching us.
As far as Christianity being superior, I again cringe at that term. I have to say (and so does the bible) that Jesus Christ is the only way. It is through Him that we have the promise of a new life. Buddha, Allah, alcohol or consumerism do not and cannot provide this. He is the only way. This is why it is important to myself and my Christian peers that others hear and know of this.
I agree with your comments about the terrible things that have been carried out in the name of Christ, though I feel that this is shaky evidence. Terrible things have been carried out in the name of Empiricism and having a bad day. Part of living in a fallen world is the distortion that is present. This is partially why we need to restore the name of Jesus and the acts that are charged from/by him.
You are not the only person to confront me with the argument of a need to stay in my own back yard and help people. Though it is quite valid, here is my position: the people in Brighton have groups like the Lions Club, the Kiwanis, and government social assistance. And though I realize these often fall short of fulfilling the need, there are there and do offer some help. The poor and lost in countries like Ghana, or India do not have these helps. They are just lost and desolate. I, nor you have the resources to pull all of these people out of poverty. Why should we leave them like that when we can offer them a hope that runs deeper than physical need? We're not, we're bringing them Christ.
I hope this addresses some of your concerns. Feel free to respond.
Love and Hugs,

What he wrote back:
I love a good discussion. Good for you for replying . Just so you know... there are 51 pages of Lions Clubs listed for India in the 1995 Lions Directory. At Roughly 60 Clubs to a page that makes about 3000 Lions Clubs in India. Ghana does not fair so well... only three Lions Clubs listed in Ghana. The Lions motto... world wide... is " We Serve " so I think there are lots of Lions in India, at least, working to better the lives of the Indian people.
In addition, there are many non-sectarian groups like Lions who work there and around the word trying to good works without trying to change local religious values. ( Note that I did not mention Rotary, Kiwanis etc. who are similar to Lions )
While the Bible may say that Jesus is the only way I might point out that it was written about 1000 years before the Koran so , it seems to me, quite possible that the Koran supercedes the Bible. After all, the Koran does include many works included in the Bible. Maybe when God watched man in those years from 40AD to 1000AD he decided he had to make some revisions !
I can't claim to have studied all the words great religions but I do know that many of them have the same core values that Christianity espouses. It seems to me that the greatest value of a religion is to provide a system of ethics that adherants can use as a framework for behavior. The ten Commandments are a pretty good example of what I mean. Perhaps the golden rule... do unto others.. is equally good. If a person has these "good " values what difference does it make what they call their religion ? What name they give to God ?
Just a thought. It is important that you be able to defend your positions to sceptics like me. We can continue later.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Dear Jesus,

I sang my face off for you tonight. I know I didn't get all the notes right, but I'm hoping it was ok for you.



Friday, April 02, 2004

Fortune Cookies

I'd just like to tell you what my two most recent cookies said:

1) You are going to have some new clothes
2) You are sociable and entertaining.

(IN BED!!)
(or if you're on the conservative side...IN THE SHOWER!!)

How do these fortunes know me so well? Those black arts..I tell ya.