Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Happy Birthday Kat!!

Its Katrina Jane Meerveld's birthday today. She is pretty and nice. I like her a lot and I am glad she is my friend.

So in conclusing Kat is awesome and you should tell her so by any means possible!


Bierma moves in tomorrow. This will give our house a full compliment of sexy ladies. One of them is engaged, but Beermug and I will be filling our date schedules out soon. First come, first serve.

Stay tooned for Laura's Catalyst Dating Service.

Remain tooned for whatever witty name we come up with for our house. The only things I've been able to come up with are very dumb.

I have to keep the blogging to a minimum, must get my room cleaned before Lisa and her parents come tomorrow.

But after the move - oh baby prepare for a flood, or at the very least, a strong trickle.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


I would like to congratulate the Ukraine on winning almost twice as many medals as Canada. Well done.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


In the spirit of Olympic competition I thought my computer could use a shot in the ass - so i'll be computitivly awal for a bit - unless i figure out how to hack into Marleah's computer. Ee hee hee.

But when I get this thing back up and in urine tested form - oh baby, oh baby. I'm looking forward to my techno year and may it bring me organization, ease with studying and a GPA above a 6.

K. Whatev.


Tonight at work I saw a 70 year old woman who was dressed like a 40 year old woman who was trying to look like a 20 year old.

Friday, August 27, 2004

a letter to a budding Christian

Dear friend,
I'm really excited about your recent desire to know more about the One who made you. I'm super excited about your questions on what a life that desires a closeness to and a following of Christ requires.

Maybe this is off base but I might compare being a Christian to exercising or eating well. Both of these things are really good for you but aren't necessarily easy. They take practice, discipline, sacrifice and hard work. And as with leading a physically healthy lifestyle, leading a spiritually lifestyle has so many benefits. The type of benefits that show both outwardly and inwardly.

As you come to know Jesus (and you'll discover that He is AWESOME), you may encounter some obstacles known as friends and family. People who will ask you why you would serve a God who requires that you go to Church every Sunday, that you not drink for sport, and that you not engage in premarital sex. Likely you won't have the answers that will satisfy them - I don't. But you can tell them about a different kind of freedom. A life that frees you from the need to drink your face off, a life that is full of fellowship with other believers, and a life that has so much more richness than succumbing to the whim of every physical desire.

Of course there is also the enemy; Satan (aka the jerk of all jerks)(much jerkier than any ex). He will not be happy about your recent changes in heart (and soul!) Hey may try to run things a muck in your life. But you know you what the cool thing is? All you have to do is call on Jesus (Dear Jesus, Satan is really bugging me. Seriously can you please get him out of my face and out of my life? Protect me. Thanks. Amen.).

It is that simple. Having Jesus as a Saviour is more than just having the closest friend you've ever had. Having Jesus as a Saviour means having Him as a protector, a Father, provider, a love so strong it makes your heart full...just everything you could ever need. He is actually always there for you and always there with you. You don't need to wake Him up or turn Him on. He knows what is in your heart and in your head and loves it when you share that with Him.

I don't think I have the words to adequately describe all of the things Jesus is and can/will be. I will say that I wish my life was more of a testament to His amazingness. In many ways it is - those are the ways in which He continues to bless me. You know the things He has brought me through and that in no way should I be alive and typing this letter. But I am also human and keep deviating from the path He has set before me, and the rules He has graciously and like a parent made for me. Yet, even though I sin He loves me, He wants me to know Him and though I am dirty He keeps wiping me clean and loves spending time with me. Gah! So cool.

So friend, I hope you keep on journeying in the direction of Christ. If I can ever help just let me know.

Love and Hugs,


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Marleah called; she said that Tim made it through the surgery fine. She said that he was doing pretty good, although that could just be the pain meds (ha ha). It is possible that he will get to go home tomorrow, though he may need to spend another night in the hospital. Tomorrow will look after itself I guess.

Thanks for your prayers.


I would just like to share that my shoulders and neck are so tight that I have been getting chest pains as a result.


Prayer Warriors!

Hey believers,
Marleah is about to leave the house to go and be with her fiance Tim who will go under the knife this afternoon for an emergency appendectomy. It is routine surgery, but anytime it becomes emergency well...you know. Please pray for Tim and his loved ones as they wade this out.

If I hear anything in the way of updates I will post them here.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I swear I'm not pregnant

Guys, I have the strangest craving for artificial banana products...like pudding and popsicles.

I dunno.

New Rule

Canada must finish higher in the Olympic medal standings than the countries it exports it's child labour work to.

I wonder

I often wonder when I'm driving home from work, what the people I see in other cars or on the sidewalk are doing? Why are they out so late at night/early in the morning? And then I wonder if they are wondering the same about me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Voice recognition in my car

I've decided that I need voice recognition word processing software in my car. I am coming up with far too many witty blog ideas whilst traveling and then they minute I get to a computer they are gone.

Which leads me to a life long wonder...what happens to ideas that get forgot? Is there a realm where these ideas float around? Are they happy when they get used, are they sad when they sit remembered yet unused? Are you allotted only so many, and I should put more pressure on myself to remember them because when I'm 71 I won't have anymore as I used them all up?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Deep thoughts on the other blog.


Just letting you know I'm still in Brighton, and I'll be there until Wednesday around noon, at which point I will travel back to Hamilton to start work. And I will be back in Hamilton full time. So if you want to get together you can call me there after Wednesday.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Oh Awkward City

Ok, so I'm sitting in Simon LeSieur's livingroom. That in itself is not so strange, the strange part is that noone from Simon's family or Simon are here. I'm at the apartment all by myself with a set of keys.

Later today I am singing at the wedding of the lovey Krista Tuininga. This wedding is taking place in Exeter, Ontario (north of London). As I am part of the ceremony it was required of me to be around for the rehearsal. In my infinite wisdom I had decided that I would drive back to Hamilton after the rehearsal. Stupid me, I forgot about jet lag and its oh so fun dizzy spells. So driving two hours from the rehearsal, hanging around in Hamilton, getting ready there, driving two hours back for the wedding and then driving two hours back to the Hammer after started to sound like a very bad idea. A solution would be to stay in the London region..but alas most of the people I know from this region are attending or are IN the wedding of Rachel and Jason in Hamilton today. Arg, what is a girl to do? Well, you call up your buddy Simon, explain that you have just spent 5 weeks with him and wouldn't it be awesome to have me stay at his house. And then your buddy Simon tells you to come on over! Hooray.

So I wake up this morning to find out that Simon and his Mere have to leave around 11am, and that is way to early for me to have make-up hair and dress done, so I figure I have to find somewhere else to get ready..but no, that Smit/LeSieur hospitality extends even further, and they leave me to lock up their place for them. Oh Jesus, you provide when I need!

If you see me at a wedding today give me a poke, 'cause I may be asleep standing up.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Back on Canadian Soil

Hey all,
We landed late last night and are safe and sound in Toronto. I'm just waiting here being debriefed and looking for my parents. My Mom says sweet corn is in season and that she picked a pail of yellow beans, so I'm going to have fresh veggies for supper, oh baby!

I'll try and get some real stuff up here soon, I need to recover from get lag and dial up internet at my parents'.

Call me in Brighton for the next few days, or in Hamilton for the weekend. The cell will be back on my person after this afternoon.