Tuesday, February 03, 2004

OH DEAR LORD or Some Advice On Using Window Blinds

Krista and I just got back from running a few errands. We noticed the landlord's blinds were only half down. So as we're walking by the front of the house to get to our entrance we look in and......see him naked. Where is the brain soap when you need it. Oy vey! Indeed. As if hearing him have sex was not bad enough. Agh, barf, hurl, vomit, ralf, upchuck, etc... Dude, if you're gonna walk around naked, please, please for the love of all that is Holy, please put the blinds all the way down!


Amy said that I am deep in my music, so I'm going to post a few lyrics for whatever purposes.....

The Joy Completed

if it were incomplete forever
would you be happy?
if it were never to be finished
would you be satisfied?
and if it were me, would that be ok?

i've never been to the 'ness of joy
and only in His time will i go
sometimes i see glimpses moving upward
shadows out of the cave

could it be good without fire behind us
a virgin sense of real and now
content with a lack of sight, the dark
feeling through a groping life

© Laura Stewart 2004

Petal Fall

If you had known that beauty wouldn't last
Would you have left her hanging till the moment past
White softness falling gently to the hard uneven ground
Harvesting a crop of droplets, in a place where love is found

Petal fall, petal fall
When the softness that touched my cheek so gently...
The water flowed like my own warm tears
The aroma of promise that fills the air,
Disappears at petal fall

Before life, death must proceed, beauty falls, it always has
Only for the esoteric, as a random knowledge fast
Caress of love now rounded fruitlets, ovaries of future tense
Pollonating love for nothing, always sitting on the fence


© Laura Stewart 2001

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