Monday, February 23, 2004

I Don't Like My Apartment

Ok, don't get me wrong, I know there are millions who are homeless and would cut out my left eye to get my place. BUT...of all the places available mine is not the most desirable.

-i'm allergic to all the mold and mildew that cover this place
-i don't feel safe here, my landlord is a powder keg waiting to go off
-my landlord is a sex fiend with a screaming girlfriend
-my landlord has very active, early rising, loud kids
-it smells like a Laundromat
-it has another weird stink due to the landlord accidentally flooding the kitchen/laundry room twice
-the shower cubicle is metal
-the bathroom ceiling is coming down in pieces
-it is dangerous/awkward to heat
-the freezer does not keep consistent temperature, thereby ruining ice cream
-the fridge leaks
-there is no stove
-the toaster oven only works on broil or warm
-my landlord likes to loudly watch porn
-there is no heat in Krista's room
-he won't let us get a space heater
-the ceiling above our entrance leaks
-the eves trough above our outside entrance leaks and when it freezes we are frozen in
-the cable is fuzzy
-the washing machine discharges into our kitchen sink
-my landlord walks around naked with the blinds up

well those are a few. i know some of them are petty, but i'm PMSing, so i can't help it. i will be out of here as soon as exams are done.

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