Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I Smell Like Meat

Tuesday shall be my breathing day. Truthfully I don't want to go to classes. But as I have only missed one class this semester I feel diligence would be better than sloth. But I do adore sloth so much.

Ok, so some whatevers about the past few days:
1) i didn't do well on any of the 3 mid-terms i had last week
2) the surprise shower went off quite well. Krista was very surprised and received many nice "delicates" for use as married woman. Much fun was had.
3) OUCF ---> didn't enjoy the 50$ parking ticket (thanks Cassandra), but enjoyed myself. The Moier (sp?) workshop was the best in my opinion. She had a lot of good things to say and presented them well. I will use things she taught us. The chiropractor was hot. I didn't mind him touching my 'gluts'. I will use some of what he said too. The pseudo site singing was interesting. Some directors talked too much...cough, cough. It was nice to gain an appreciation for the challenge of other pieces, but I dunno there should have been a better way to do that. How, I'm not quite sure. The mass rehearsals went relatively well. The banquet was fun. I was quite impressed with the behaviour of our choir. With in our broad range of liberalism no one really embarrassed the school. In fact, I think we surprised the socks off some people who had presuppositions about how we would deal with dance and booze. Kudos to us.

that's all I want to say for now. I am quite sleepy. Tomorrow with the breathing shall come the true thinking.

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