Tuesday, February 10, 2004

50$! for a Song

Help please: I follow the Dauphin's down the mountain to Mac. We stop on Sterling St and park. Cassandra gets out and asks if I want to pay for parking, I reply that I don't and she tells me to park just where I am. At the end of the day I come back to a 50$ parking ticket. What should I do? I cannot afford to pay a 50$ parking ticket. Briemer has said I should get those that rode down with me to chip in. Hensen says that I should go to trial. So weigh in...do it soon. If I'm just going to do it have I have to pay it before Saturday, as it goes up to 75$ by then.


We will still need a song

Fu(k you.
You're drunk and acting tough.
I know you're sad
You're not the only one who feels like that now.

And maybe anger is your only choice
But maybe heart and fist and human voice
Might be the better way
Be the way.

But we will still need a song
To carry our love away.
To carry it away.
We will still need a song
To dance on our wedding day
to carry us away.

Don't let another tear be in your eyes
We can die in peace knowing we tried
To change our own ways.

The poets let a generation down
Modern music should be a healing sound
It's the only way

-Hawksley Workman

On the weekend Rebecca Teeuwsen told me that I looked great and happy when I was singing with the choir. Now I don't know about this great thing, but I was definitely happy. I love to sing. I think if I could sing all day everyday I would be truly happy. I know sometimes I grump about what I have to sing, but really I'm just being stupid. Sure I'm studying Religion and Theology and when people ask me vocational questions I spout something about parachurch ministry with teens. But really, I want to sing. I am an extrovert who loves to perform. I very much understand the art of presentation; which is not to say that I know everything about it. I've been singing in a performance setting since I was 4 years old. And I wasn't one of those music lesson kids who moved on to weddings and such. No, it was church things and as many musicals as I could safely get involved at school. It was jazz choir, concert choir, girls choir, church choir, competition ensemble, music teams, mission teams, coffee houses, living room concerts, parties, opening solo gigs, bands whatever... Now I am being an academic, I sing in the odd coffee house and in the choir, that is it. Well there is that bit of recording on the side. And why might you ask am I not on the Church in the Box music team, or Alpha Praise, or in a band or in the church choir. Why am I not finishing my CD? Why aren't I going out and getting more gigs? Why aren't I practicing my craft for 9 hours a day? The reason...I'm scared. I'm scared that I might actually be something. I do actually want to finish my degree and what if someone hears me and wants to sign me and my dream actually comes true. That would be the scariest thing ever. So I shall keep postponing things till my comfort zone erodes or .....?

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