Saturday, January 31, 2004


Finally I was able to get my hot big hands on the webcams that I ordered before Christmas. In my room right now are three Logitech Quickcam Messenger cameras. One is hooked up to my computer. Once these get distributed my parents (who already have a cam), my brother, my brother's girlfriend Julie, and myself will all have cameras. This was a Christmas plan. With my brother's recent move to Iowa (btw, he's attending Graceland University down there) we thought it would be a cool idea for us all to have one. Of course we have yet to see if we are as smart as we think we are. But as I type I'm waiting for my Dad to finish breakfast and come online so I can try this out.....minutes have and technology didn't exactly work together. I forced my Mom to sit and try it. We could both see each other, but I could only hear her. Frustrating. Its going to take us a bit to get this all ironed out.

I need to shower and eat and stuff before choir. I'm a little bitter about this choir rehearsal...i should be with my parents this weekend. But I'm not. Though if I had gone home I wouldn't have got the cams and I wouldn't have had such a great time last night with Jenn and Amy. Hooray for the providence of God.

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