Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Succumbing to weakness
How I don't give a rats ass about Sam and Froddo
Your Mom
My Mom
Beat Poetry

So many titles and subjects....

So, by special request here is the "poem" that I did at coffeehouse this month...

(clearing throat)

The timeout is pleased to let you read that now engaged is Eneke Van Dutchma,
Then my Mom calls and asks about my dating life, and I say, not much ma


She's the devil!! Oma can't see her, quick, put on some klumpen, here's a King mint for your breath and I've taken the liberty of sewing some droopies to your dress, be sure to mention you're a farmer


Email from Dr Cooper: we are happy to announce that our MRS degree will now be recognized outside the Dutch peoples,
So go ahead and bring out those red haired, green-eyed babies! mixies unite!


Well, how am i to keep a roommate? the mate rate is set to escalate. on what date? oh great, what will be my fate and wait, what shall i use as bait?


Hey, Henk! John! Klaas, what are you doing after night church?

So there you have it. And can I just say that I laughed out loud when I read the review of my act in the crown. The part about my costume being "arguably offensive" was great. I almost busted my gut. I'm quite sure it was offensive. Most things about me are. Though I can't say I expect someone with a 'Van' in their last name to know what its like to be a light skinned sister. Ouch, that was harsh. I almost take it back. One of my friends asked me if I got the dress at Value Village. I actually got it first hand at a market in Ghana, West Africa. The head wrap on the other hand, was a shirt my Mom thought I would wear. So maybe for my next coffeehouse performance I'll wear a mini-skirt and a tube (toob, boob) top, which is MUCH less offensive.


I miss singing in a Christian band/worship leady type setting. Before I came to Redeemer I sang with the Northumberland Youth For Christ youth ministry music team, Selah. It was good times. I miss the singing and the challenge. Perhaps I should audition for one of the Redeemer groups.

Ok, so I seriously need to do some major reading.

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