Saturday, January 24, 2004

....the first posting. there isn't anything for me to check off tell you that i'm not listening to any music, that i just woke up and that my apartment is cold. bummer. that could be motivation to relearn some html...probably not.

now this post should have some sort of theme or subject like...waxing my legs, the cost of aids cocktails in third world countries, my brother, or hearing my landlord have sex. perhaps it will be something relatively meaningless like 5 birthdays in 2 weeks...

yes, that is perfect. got to keep it simple...

Last week and this week I will celebrate 5 birthdays with my friends and family: 2 Ruths, a Kathryn, a Sonya and a Father. Its kinda like Christmas time all over. Do you get presents, is just sending a card ok, etc. I feel this is setting me up for the at least 4 weddings I'm going to this summer. Student budgets and gifts are not friends, most definitely they are foe.

Ok, well I have to make a card before tonight, when I go out to celebrate birthday #4. And I have to poop.

You're a sucker for knowing that now....sucker!


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