Friday, January 30, 2004

Is it ok that I think it was awkward to hear my Mom tell me that her walking and sitting days are numbered? Its true, they are, but still strange to hear. Though, I'm glad she is up beat about what is happening to her. For those just joining this saga: after Christmas my Mom was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Which is: "Stenosis means narrowing. In spinal stenosis, the spinal canal, which contains and protects the spinal cord and nerve roots, narrows and pinches the spinal cord and nerves. The result is low back pain as well as pain in the legs. Stenosis may pinch the nerves that control muscle power and sensation in the legs." (AAOS) At this point in my Mom's case it means she can't stand long enough to make supper, or sit upright long enough to eat it. Kind of sucky if you ask me. But she says it pretty rightly in that it is only a change in routine. With my brother having just moved to Iowa it was great timing for a change. And she's still pretty lucky, she can walk, and she can sit, some. She could be in a wheelchair or worse. She's pretty funny. When I was talking to her on the phone she said that she had the mind of a child, the body of a 48 year old, and the skeleton of an elderly person.


Should I R.A?
I'm having some trouble deciding the answer to this. I think at this point I'm going to fill out the application and hand it in. There is zero guarantee that I would be accepted. And even if I am I can decline should my roommate problem be alleviated. It would be quite a change to move back on campus. And I wouldn't be able to keep my job at the Pita Pit, and I really like working there. Man, I wish $$ wasn't playing such a role in this. I should stop typing and go back to praying (and napping).

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