Sunday, January 25, 2004

I wish I was deep...

I look at the blogs of others and then look at myself with shame. The battle in my head starts. There are some excuses pertaining to most people my age and the head start on education that i gave them. There is chastisement about being a Christian, using my mind, and being more aware. There are few results.

When I get up in the morning I check the Weather Network page for Hamilton and then the CBC News page. I scan the paper during the week, when I get it free at school, and I bring back-issues of Macleans from my parents. They are my esteemed bathroom reading. (side note: agggh! i can hear my landlord watching porn...time to turn the stereo up) I also watch The West Wing. I'm not sure that counts for much.

I don't know. I'm a feeling person, an artist (and in this case, not an intellectual). I just don't sit around thinking about monotheism. I didn't know monotheism existed until two weeks ago. The urge to start blaming is rising within me.... the rural United Church i was raised in, family, over crowded public highschool? How 'bout myself? Yes, how 'bout that?

My rallying cry is that I am back in school. I'm not a Religion and Theology major because I am steeped in its pools. I am there to learn. To learn things I did not know. So you can sit beside me REL 201 and tell me its bullshit, but I've never heard of exegesis before and I want to know. I want to learn.

Ok, I'm done. Its almost time for the Simpsons. And I still haven't really slept since church.

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