Wednesday, January 28, 2004

oh, by the cousin Katherine called me last night and asked me if i would be her maid of honour. she's getting married this fall. i cried when she asked, and then i said yes. she's awesome. her dad and my dad farm together, so we grew up together. she's five years older that me and she's like the older sibling i never had. i just wish she was a Christian. though i applaud her honesty about her wedding...she's not having it in a church. she didn't want to be a hypocrite and have in one when God isn't a part of her life or the life of her fianceƩ. so in my own way i'll take care of the God part. creepy thing is...she wants to have a "Humanist Officiant". the term gives me the willies. but i don't think there is much difference between an HO and a JOP so whatev.

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