Sunday, January 25, 2004

As you'll be able to see at the bottom of this, its around 5:30 in the morning. I just got home from work. I work at the Pita Pit by McMaster, and at least once a weekend I stay up till the wee hours of the morning serving the drunks of this fair city. My Mom wonders why I keep a job that interrupts my sleeping habits in such a drastic way. Well a)its a job and job = rent + food + tuition, these are all important, b)i like it, we have a very unique flavour to the staff and atmosphere of the store, we have a blast during bar rush shifts, turn up the music, do some dancing and roll some pitas. c)i'm the only Christian that works there, so i have some real opportunities to share the Gospel, and d)its in Westdale, which is one of the coolest places i've ever lived.

These "night shifts" have their draw backs, especially the Saturday ones. So its 5:32am now and i still have to shower and go to bed. Church starts at I'll end up with a little less than 3 hours sleep. "Stewie, why not keep sleeping and go to night church?" I'm just not a night church kinda gal. Another draw back is the coldness with the showering...ick. I get all cold in my car and then I have to shower cause I smell of meat, pinesol and onions, but shower means I have to remove the pre-fab fibres that are keeping me relatively warm, then I have to get all wet and cold...mer. But I know that when it comes time to get up I won't have the motivation to shower, so I do it before sleeping. I'm sure you're really glad you know that.

Ok, well my eyelids are getting really droopy, so I best have the shower. Take care of yourself today!

ps, can i just say that spell check wanted to change Westdale to Estella and McMaster to

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