Thursday, July 03, 2008

Life (updated, with a big side note)

The side note comes first. Side note on the side note - did I make that up? Is there such a thing as a side note? Or is that a term I invented in my head and use with such frequency that others both believe it and use it?

Ok - so in the past month or so I have found out 3 pieces of information that people should never, ever have told me. The information they gave me is oh, so very dangerous in the hands/mind of someone like myself.
  1. One friend told me that when I change my facebook status she gets a text messagey buzz thing to her phone. That's right, every time I change my facebook status her pocket or purse or desk buzzes. Oh the power.
  2. Another friend told me pretty much the same thing, but its with emails. He is doing something in construction or landscaping. So I'm pretty sure if I send my emails right I could be responsible for having him fall off a roof or taking his foot off with a shovel.
  3. I was also informed that the labour organization for which I am a contract worker, uses Google Alerts. Thusly, when they are mentioned online a dude in Vancouver (I think) gets an email telling him about it. And I am not going to lie, that totally makes me want to embed the 4 letter abbreviation for this organization (to be named later in the post) in random posts that have nothing to do with it, just because I know someone is going to get an alert about it. And does that make me immature, irresponsible, silly, power hungry, a little dumb? Yes, yes it does.
So, a slight clarification on my job. I do not actually work for that labour group. I am an independent contractor, doing some work for them. I'm doing some pretty cool work with some often very complicated documents. The end result will be a lot of good for a lot of people. So I'm actually pretty tickled to be a part of the process. I'm also tickled to be getting a pay cheque - oh to be able to tell Rogers to reactivate my cell...sigh.

Its a pretty sweet deal. I work from home and make my own hours (there some stipulations in there). So I love going to bed at night and wondering, "hmm, what time do I want to get up and go to work tomorrow?" Its all pretty much determined by what else I'm doing in that day. I also love the whole dressing for work thing. I can get up, put on the same pair of basketball shorts that I've been wearing all week, throw on a clean t-shirt and I'm set. Mmm, I also enjoy being able to swear both at the computers and the documents in the privacy of my dinning room. That same privacy is nice when I have to get up to stop my back from hurting and I do crazy dances, or hop on my exercise ball to loosen up.

It lacks a little more sugar (hello pay cheque) and a comfy chair (borrowing one tomorrow) and then I'll pretty much be the queen of contractors.

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