Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Hope The Fox Execs Are Reading

If certain pigeons were people and my balcony was really a room in my apartment, then I would be living in a sitcom. The premise would be as such:

I date and possibly live with (in sin) a man named Irwin. We break up in a very messy way because he cheats on me with Bernice. In the break up I retain our apartment and I am glad to be rid of his presence in my life. But he goes to all 'our' places with Bernice and I am constantly confronted by the two of them. They have two kids together. Then, things get rocky with Bernice and Irwin - as he cheats on her a couple times with another woman. Bernice doesn't know what to do, so she moves out of their place and comes knocking on my door - with a kid in each hand, and pregnant with twins. For some reason (maybe I had recently hit my head, or perhaps a protein deficiency) I allow Bernice and her two kids and her two fetuses to move in with me. This is compounded by the fact that Irwin wants her back and wants to be a father to all of the children.

It has a few aspects of various existing sitcom plots. But on the whole I think its got potential. There are about a billion ways tension could occur withing a 22 minute episode.

Here are 'the twins' in real life, after being 'born:

Their names are Isaac and Muriel

This is a close up of Isaac (who flew the coop on Tuesday)

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