Monday, July 07, 2008

Interpreting The Thoughts Of My Wireless Card

Wireless Card: Dee, dee, doo. Things seem to be working quite nicely. Wouldn't you say so Computer?

Computer: (sweating because his little fan can't keep up with the heat he creates by running) Hummm, hummm. Oh yes, very well.

WC: Well then its time to change that. Let's see 'Good connection and signal strength' eh?

C: Wireless Card, what are you doing?

WC: I'm having a little fun! Ok, signal!

Computer User: AH! Where did the signal go? The computer sitting beside this one still has a signal. What is going on? Ok, I'll refresh the list of connections.

WC: And lets just say that there are no wireless connections. Heh heh.

CU: WHAAAT? What do you mean no wireless networks available. I have a router in my expletive apartment! AHHHH! I'm in the middle of everything. Come back signal, come back (begins to sob).

C: Wireless Card, that isn't very nice. You better give the signal back to her, she's crying. And what if she cries over us, we could get wet.

WC: Good point, and really, I'm just going to pull this stunt again in 5 and a half minutes. Ahh ha ha ha, life is good.

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