Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laura the Merciful Continues Her Reign of Mercy

You might remember this guy - my ex - Irwin. Well, I thought I was done with that mangy guy. I mean parts of the winter were hard. I could see him and his lady friend Bernice trying to brave the fierce winter storms out there on the balcony. They mostly roosted right above the door to the balcony. And sometimes my compassion would flood my once hardened heart and I would desire to invite them in to let them warm up and get out of the wind. Clearer thinking prevailed and Irwin and Bernice stayed outside for the winter. And well, as Buxtehude put it so eloquently - die vinter, die kinder...

As the weather warmed up I began to make some ventures out on to the balcony. Each time I did, there was a pigeon who would fly away as soon as I got out there. I assumed it was Irwin. This was until I went further out onto the balcony and saw one of my flower pots (complete with soil) sitting there...

Picture 1 - taken from my living room window so as not to scare off Bernice

Picture 2 - the die kinder of die vinter

I have managed not to toss the children into yonder parking lot in a fit of jealous rage. (Man I hope that phrase gets googled out of context)

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