Monday, April 07, 2008


One of the great things about having pneumonia (and there are many), is the advice and tips. I actually mean this. Pneumonia hits a little more universally than say, migraines. Migraines are pretty personal, everyone has to deal in their own way. But I think when you have crap in your lungs you have crap in your lungs.

I'd like to share some of the tips, advice, info, etc that I have received over the past few days:
  • rest
  • drink (water - I assume)
  • have hot showers (without men)
  • sleep lots (also without men) (sorry boys)
  • rest
  • don't talk
  • eat yogurt in conjunction with the antibiotics
  • rest
  • be prepared to feel like a sack of crap long after the antibiotics are done
  • don't push too early
  • get the rib/muscle thing checked out
  • rest
  • eat soup
  • combine honey and lemon
  • stop taking the antibiotics and use soluble silver instead
  • keep resting after the drugs are done
  • use inhalers
  • sweat my bag off
  • keep saying no
  • don't go outside
  • get some sun
  • give/receive hugs
  • stay the heck away
  • be quiet
  • take it easy as long as you need to
  • come back quick
  • pneumonia means that I'm pretty dang sick
  • pneumonia is a b!tch
  • pneumonia knocks the stuffing out of you
  • pneumonia is gross
  • pneumonia is real, please be careful
  • levaquin is like taking rat poison
  • levaquin will tear you up inside
  • rest
  • don't push yourself

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