Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Velocity Of Bricks

Once upon a time about 13 days ago I got a cold. It seemed like an other cold. I snotted, I sneezed, I hacked a bit. I figured I'd infect some family members over Easter, come back to the hammer, snot a bit more and get on with my life.

Um no. I thought the cold was getting better. Then it decided to get worse. Then it decided to drive me to the point where I'm beginning to wonder at the velocity bricks would pick up as a hurled them off of my balcony onto the cars below.

I decided to seek medical attention on Monday (day 10) because it seemed I had started to develop pink eye and as previously mentioned here, green stuff was emerging. I couldn't get into see my doc (until Friday), so I went to a clinic. The doc there said I had a bad cold and that my asthma was making it worse. Ok says I - that doesn't explain the ear pain or the green stuff, but sure.

Last night at 2am -not having slept since Monday at 4am, I broke down and hit Shoppers up for come cough syrup, vapo rub, eye drops and kleenex. I came home, and at 3:30 finally got to sleep and stayed that way until 7am. And I'm still up. I didn't sleep today, even though I didn't really leave my bed. I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep, cough cough, why cough, can't i cough, sleep cough, snot, cough? Every time I get close to sleeping or even when I finally do begin to sleep I wake up coughing. Stupid cough syrup, you are not doing your job. You are supposed to be an all in one. But you are turning out to be a none in none.

So now its almost 3am - my throat is raw and burny, there is no skin left near my nose, my nerves are shot, my body is weak, my eyes are getting sticky, my ears won't pop and yeah. But I have popsicles thanks to a visit from Jacki and Amanda and sometimes the cough sounds looser and when I'm not coughing so hard my eyes look pretty good.

The argh.

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