Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seeing The White Light, Starting To Walk Towards It, Then Having A Rope Thrown Around My Waist And Being Brought Back

This is me. I'm recovering from pneumonia. And I'm being told that one of the best ways for me to recover quicker is to rest and stay quiet. Thusly, my bed, its many blankets and pillows are where I am based.

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I have a pretty good set up here in my room. One of the keys to me just shutting up and not moving around is to have pretty much anything I could need within arms reach. In these next two pics you'll see my bedside table; complete with an arsenal of things to help me through this and my desk chair - aka the current house for my laptop. The laptop being my non-talking conduit to the outside world and my entertainment centre.

There are a few other things that help recovery. One of those is motivation. I decided that being sick is lame, and that I'm getting tired of canceling things, and ending up in tears because I'm missing everything that is fun or cool. In conjunction with the decision that being sick is lame, I decided that when my Levquin (the stomach eating, germ killing antibiotic I'm on) is done that I will be better.

Just so I can keep track of this better getting, I made a motivational count down board. You'll see the hand coloured (which I am pretty dang proud of) mini-banner that says Days Until I'm Better. You'll also probably recognize that Holy guy in the middle of the banner, His name is Jesus, we're friends. Underneath the banner are the packets of Levaquin, all labeled with the day I have to take them. As I finish the pack I break it down and change it's position on the wall. Ta da.

Another recovery thinger is the whole coughing/not coughing ratio. Coughing in many ways is good for me, so that I can get the "shit" out of my lung. But coughing hurts the throat (which I need to sing in this Friday's choir concert, where I have a special line to sing). And coughing really hurts after I woke up the other night in one my usual coughing fits, but managed to tear/pull/rip something in/on my left side. Three of my best friends in the coughing/not coughing battle are here - vapo rub, lozenges and cough syrup (with expectorant!).

And here is some of the collateral damage of the cold that turned to bronchitis that turned to pneumonia - 2 of the 4 empty boxes of kleenex, the empty bottle of all in one cough syrup and an empty bag of lozenges.

a few more pics, and hilarious sets up can be found here.

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