Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dinner Time Thoughts With Lstew

  • garlic toast grilled cheese with a side of green beans, garnished with radishes is a classic meal and will never go out of style (if i owned a camera there would be a picture here)
  • radishes are probably one of God's greatest creations
  • "Bet You Think I'm Lonely" by the Wild Strawberries is probably one of the most underrated break up songs
  • the Wild Strawberries themselves are very underrated
  • I can get down to the ice cream truck in time from my apartment
  • tonight will be my final and 14th midnight breakfast at RUC
  • why don't i own a mac - garage band needs to be a close friend of mine
  • my last name doesn't have a u in it
  • cloves?

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