Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plaque Build Up (But Without The Gingivitis)

I'm not sure if I actually owned any plaques before, save for the one that you put your little 4-H bar thingers on. But by the end of this week I had two presented to me.

On Wednesday at closing convocation myself and this guy (Mark DeVos)...

...won the Student Life Award(s)

You may not be from the RUC community. And therefore you would have no idea what I'm talking about. The following is from the Redeemer daily newsletter - The Student Life Award is given annually to one female and one male student who exemplify the following: A Christian commitment expressed in all areas of university life; academic diligence (not necessarily resulting in high grades); involvement in extra-curricular activities such as choir, theatre, yearbook, the Minstrel, Student Senate and athletics; a concerned individual who cares about and influences campus culture; and a person who is respected by peers, faculty, and staff. Individual students, staff and faculty can make nominations for this award.

It was pretty dang cool to be the recipient of this award and to share the stage with Mark, 'cause he is one very awesome young man. We got a standing ovation. It was such a neat sensation to stand there on the stage and look around at the faces that you knew you had a connection with, be it staff, faculty or student. Needless to say, that was a big boost to my week and to my healing process.

You'll recall the last post talking about my last concert as a concert choir member happening on Friday. It went really well, and I know many prayers were sustaining me through that night. I especially know that because I could breath the best I have in weeks, on Friday night. I went to sing in church this morning and I felt like I was singing and jogging - it was that hard to get enough air. But the concert went really well, the solo-y thing went really well, and yeah, great music was sung in German, Latin and English.

After the concert, back in the choir room, I was presented with this -

It reads: Presented to Laura Stewart In recognition of her record number of years of involvement in, and dedication to the Redeemer University Concert Choir - 2008. I had no idea it was coming and I have to thank Kevin and John for making that happen and making me smile. Oh 6 years in concert choir. Obviously both plaques will be hung with my diploma (the one I'll be getting in 6 weeks).

Here's a shot at the Egg & I (had breakfast with Ma and Pa there on Saturday morn) with the booty -

I kinda just look at both plaques and think - wow, look at the work God has done. Look at the young punk who entered Redeemer and the concert choir 7 years ago and is leaving a young(ish) woman. Look at the journey He has lead me through. These plaques are an indicator that God is good, He is good indeed.

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