Thursday, April 19, 2007


Tonight will be my 12th Midnight (10:30) Breakfast. Or as someone might say, Midnight Breastfest. I am able to achieve this number by having gone to both the MBs during the year I was at Mohawk/working. So, being that I will still be a student at RUC next year I will be able to get that number up to 14! That my friends is a lot of Danishes and apple juice.

Reflections on MBs past:
  • I love bacon. In my first year I ate a lot of it at the MB in my first semester. I also took a lot home. Those of age will remember that the food plan used to limit dorms to one meat per week or the "Meat of the Week". Therefore my bacon quotient was quite low. So between my boyfriend Dan and a number of friends, we went back for enough seconds of bacon to keep me eating it for days!
  • Sausages or bacon - the debate! For a while there seemed to be some sort of alternating system - One semester bacon, the next breakfast sausages. Not a good system. Breakfast sausages are gross. Thankfully in the past year that system has been abolished and bacon has remained supreme. I pray that it stays that way.
  • The omelet. The year the school got Williams it tried to 'class up' itself a bit at the same time. That year at one of the MBs instead of the usual scrambled eggs there was a beautiful broccoli mushroom omelet. I personally loved it. But there are many Dutch boys whose Mothers don't do that sort of thing and therefore feel that vegetables have no place next to their bacon. The omelet has never returned.
  • The Danes are crying. The first few years of my MB attendance we had real Danishes - like the 4-5inch in diameter pastries with the fake fruit filling in the middle, yeah, that is the shiz. Now-a-days we get these strange narrow and then cut in half so it looks like there are more of them tiny tasteless pastries. Sadness. I long for the days of real Danishes and not whatever happened to be on sale at Bulk Frozen Breakfast Baking R Us.
  • Ew, don 't do that. There is always a food fight or 17. They are all dumb and aside from being a diversion from so many Christian touching games, the only other thing they accomplish is making more work for the people who are already going to be there late cleaning up. No good. Don't do it.
Bring on the bacon, bring on the noise, bring on the funk!

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