Wednesday, March 03, 2004

More Of The Same

I want to invite you to an event happening this coming weekend
(March 5-7th)... The Peace Symposium. There's lots going on, including
two plays on Friday night, a day of discussion around the issue of Fair
Trade on Saturday, a Peace Party on Saturday night, and then some
workshops on cultivating inner peace on Sunday.

The Peace Party on Saturday night might be most interesting to you.
It's taking place at the Staircase Cafe (King and Dundurn) and there
will be several performers (poetry, storytelling, and music etc.) as
well as a showing of the film "Life and Debt". - Lauralee Sim

Kids! I'm playing at the Peace Party from 8pm till maybe 8:30pm. I know lots of you are busy, but seriously come. If you have questions ask and I can try to answer. I know the inner peace thing sounds kinda iffy, but you can always go and protest.

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