Friday, March 12, 2004

The Aforementioned List

Ok MIB here is my list:

A Title For My List

1. I cut myself on the pickles at work today
2. I'll move on to things I like/love
3. Singing
4. Writing music
5. Discovering a 'new' chord
6. Hugs
7. A great non-romantical boy hug
8. Vanilla Ice Cream
9. Jogging pants
10. Putting on jogging pants after swimming (thanks Rach)
11. Waffle ice cream sandwiches (ask me about those...mmmm..drool)
12a. The voice of Sarah Vaughn
12b. The soul of Billie Holiday
13. The notes of George Gershwin
14. The nutty lyrics of his brother Ira (note: brother, not wife)
15. Jesus
16. God
17. Bible
18. When friends do something that really surprises me (like buy me a banquet ticket and in the same week also buy my livingroom concert)
19. No shoes
20. No socks
21. Pita Pit bacon
22. Cheerios
23. The marshmallows they put in cereal
24. Playing softball
25. Floating
26. A job well done
27. Being absolutely filthy and tired to the bone
28. Knitting
29. Getting real mail
30. When people remember to bring/send postcards for my nerdy collection
31. Presents (i'm selfish ok!)
32. Vanilla Schnapps and Coke
33. The fantasy of having a villa in Portugal with Vincenzo
34. Praying
35. A really great hymn or praise song
36. Dissonant choral repitoire
37. A guilt free weekend
38. Fresh bread
39. My Mom's lasange
40. Marie's Mom's Dutch meatball soup
41. Tim Horton's peach drink (no bottle, no can)
42. When people are nice
43. Traveling
44. Staying home
45. Not wearing pants
46. Sleeping
47. Thinking about sleep
48. Receiving due praise
49. Giving due praise
50. Finishing the list

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