Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Good ol' Abraham Kuyper. Strictly middle class. What a guy, went crazy, thought some thoughts and then became the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. That puts him in the running against my all time crush: Martin Luther. I also have a crush on Abe Lincoln and the entire bass section of the choir. What can I say? Anyway back to Abe K. He had been raised as a Christian and then the reality of Christ really hit him and he "came to a living faith in Christ". Wow, can I ever relate to that. I wish I knew what that was in Latin, cause then I'd have it tattooed on me somewhere. Kuyp also said this, "There is not a square inch of life of which Christ does not rightly say, 'That is mine.'" So right dude, so right. That's really been part of my Spiritual spring cleaning (sometimes known as Lent); keeping all doors open. Not like He couldn't penetrate them anyway...but you know, you know.

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