Thursday, September 06, 2007

Guess What I Did?

I posed this question to Natalie and after she heard the answer she said the question was phrased wrong for the answer. The answer is, I got stung. But she said that since the stinging was the action and I didn't do it then its not really what I did. So I guess a better answer would be, I stood there and allowed a bee to sting me. Which isn't really true either as I didn't know it was going to sting me until after it did.

Anyway. Yeah, I got stung and let me tell you, the system works. And by system I mean a year's worth of shots. I was putting a gas can back together and BAMN, something hurty was in and out of my left arm (why is it always lefty, poor lefty). I dropped the gas can nozzle and swore. The proceeding burning and pain led me to believe that I had not simply been attacked by a deer fly. The redness and raised bump without me even touching the area may have tipped me off too.

Fortunately my boss was close by to help me take a look at it tell me that I was allowed to take a Benadryl and go home. Which I did. My hands were shaking a little hard to maneuver the pill bottle, but it got done. I spent the afternoon in bed feeling funky and being nursed by Chelsea (thank you John for bringing her over). Things didn't turn out too bad. I was kinda out of it, my chest was kinda tight and I was kinda phlegmy. Lets just say I didn't feel good. But no trip to the hospital and no epi-pen. Though I'm not going to lie, I'd really have to be fighting for breath to take the epi-pen, because that stuff is crazy.

I had a good (if not drug induced) sleep. Which was nice as the other post-sting side effects were starting to kick in - the body itch and the joint pain and the headache. But I'm pretty ok this morning. Still tired and just not tip top. But praise the Lord, I survived. He still has plans for me.

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