Friday, July 17, 2009

Give The (Mostly) Non Kosher Gift Of Love

Let's say you're sitting around and you're thinking, "Dag, that Lstew is a great ol' gal. I'd love to encourage her. I think I will do that by buying her a gift." Now, this thought might come to you because it's leading up to the 25th of June or the 25th of December (aka birthday and Christmas). Or maybe you've noticed me working hard and want to help reward me. Or maybe it's a day ending in 'y'. Who is to say? Regardless of what brings on this beautiful inspiration, I have a few ideas for you as you choose to express your love.

Now, it is no secret that I love bacon. While noodling around on a great website, I stumbled upon a goldmine of bacon related gifts. Rather than a lot of descriptions, why don't I break it down for you list style:
Well, that should keep you going for a bit. While you dig out your credit card, I'm gonna go lick my dreams.


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