Friday, July 24, 2009

8 Ball Says...

Here are your answers to Monday's quiz. If you're feeling brave, or like you want to win a prize, leave a comment with how you did. You can be anonymous if you want. Feel free to share things that were shocking to you, or where you think you know me better than I know myself.

Once again, the winner(s) will be announced on Monday after all the comments are in (10pm, Sunday July 26th cut off for submissions to be eligible for the contest, but feel free just for interest sake to let us know how you did beyond the cut off date, just no prizes for you).
  1. What year was I born? - 1981
  2. What city was I born in? - Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
  3. How many children are in my family? - 2
  4. Where do they live? - Whistler, British Columbia, Canada; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  5. What is my favourite colour? - Blue
  6. What is my favourite sport? - Baseball/Softball
  7. How many citizenships do I have? - 1
  8. What is my favourite animal? - Giraffe
  9. What colour is the stone in my nose ring? - Pink
  10. How many piercings do I have? - 7
  11. How many tattoos do I have? - 2
  12. What were my high schools sports teams named? (like Spartans or Pioneers) - The Blue Dragons
  13. Excluding Canada, how many countries have I set foot in? - 5 (USA, Ghana, Holland, Hong Kong/China, India)
  14. How many times have I been engaged? - 0
  15. Through what did I become a Christian? (although the Holy Spirit is technically a correct answer, it is not the one I'm looking for here) - Northumberland Youth For Christ
  16. Who is my favourite jazz artist? - Billie Holiday
  17. Who is my favourite theologian? - Martin Luther
  18. What was the name of my first car? - Maurice
  19. What major(s) and minor(s) did I graduate with? - Double majors Religion & Theology and Theatre Arts with a minor in English
  20. What year did I graduate from university? - 2008
  21. If you know, I'll give you a hug to not tell anyone what year I graduated from high school. - 2000
  22. Name 3 things I'm allergic to. - Honey bees, wasps, certain trees, certain grasses, ragweed, dust mites, cat dander
  23. What is my favourite drink (I'll accept one of 3 answers here - or all three for bonus points)? - Coca Cola Classic, Purple Knee-high, Pina Colada made from scratch
  24. What is my favourite type of non-anglo food (or "ethnic" food)? - Thai (or maaaaybe Mexican)
  25. Name 4 jobs I've had since I left high school. - Integrated pest management technician, grant proposal researcher and writer, assisting seniors in learning computer skills, rec centre staff, tree nursery staff, gardener, pita roller, pita pit manager, teaching assistant, baby sitter, production assistant, production manager, ice cream truck driver, landscaper, lawn crew girl, Spectator door-to-door subscription sales girl, A&W burger maker, greenhouse worker, office/administrative assistant, data-entry monkey, research monkey, envelope stuffer, singer, YMCA membership sales & service rep, uhh and I think that might be it

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