Monday, July 20, 2009

Testing, Testing

If you're on facebook you may have been subjected to a barrage of requests asking you to take quizzes testing your knowledge of friends and family. I'm proud to say that I have managed not to take any of these quizzes. But I can say that I am intrigued by them. Every so often I like to give my loyal blog readers an edge over facebook peeps.

In that spirit, I am creating a "How Well Do You Know Lstew? quiz right here, right now. Read the questions, jot down your answers somewhere and on Friday I'll post the answers. There will be a prize (or prizes) based on scores.

  1. What year was I born?
  2. What city was I born in?
  3. How many children are in my family?
  4. Where do they live?
  5. What is my favourite colour?
  6. What is my favourite sport?
  7. How many citizenships do I have?
  8. What is my favourite animal?
  9. What colour is the stone in my nose ring?
  10. How many piercings do I have?
  11. How many tattoos do I have?
  12. What were my high schools sports teams named? (like Spartans or Pioneers)
  13. Excluding Canada, how many countries have I set foot in?
  14. How many times have I been engaged?
  15. Though what did I become a Christian? (although the Holy Spirit is technically a correct answer, it is not the one I'm looking for here)
  16. Who is my favourite jazz artist?
  17. Who is my favourite theologian?
  18. What was the name of my first car?
  19. What major(s) and minor(s) did I graduate with?
  20. What year did I graduate from university?
  21. If you know, I'll give you a hug to not tell anyone what year I graduated from high school.
  22. Name 3 things I'm allergic to.
  23. What is my favourite drink (I'll accept one of 3 answers here - or all three for bonus points)?
  24. What is my favourite type of non-anglo food (or "ethnic" food)?
  25. Name 4 jobs I've had since I left high school.

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