Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everyone Has Their Price

Franco Language Police: What makes you think I can be bought?
Anglo Restaurant Owner: Short, cheap suit, sweats too much; I read you're the perfect candidate for a bribe.
- Royal Canadian Air Farce

I want to encourage you to jot down your answers to Monday's quiz questions. If you're running into problems with some of the answers and you're worried that you may end up out of the running for one of the exciting prizes, I have a piece of information for you - I can be bought. Yes, there it is, on the internet for all to see. A case of Coca-Cola Classic, a Big Mac meal (no onion, extra pickles), a sack full of candy, a pizza, a lovely neck/back/shoulder massage, buffalo chicken, mozza sticks, gasoline, ice cream cones, mafia hits on people I owe money too, trips to Cancun; all of these are acceptable bribes for an answer or two (feel free to make up your own bribes).

One of these highly affordable options could give you the edge on the road to fame. The winner(s) will be featured on on Monday, along with what they have won! Can you even stand the excitement? I know I can't, so I think I'll fall asleep.

I'd start fueling up my jet or getting my chickens and buffaloes together if I were you.

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