Monday, January 07, 2008

American Gladiators

American Gladiators is back on tv. And I'm not talking about the old school episodes - though i have been hoping for years that i would see them somewhere, some American network, dvd, but alas, nothing.

I will post more on what the show looks like, how i'm reacting too it, etc. But for right now, before i sleep, i will post a couple thoughts one what i think my name would be if i were a gladiator...

Cougar - because if i stay around 18 year olds any longer i might become one, because they can pounce, and eat, and they are pretty

Steel - my steely blue/grey eyes, that i can be tough as steel, but still shiny

Acre - i may take one up, but i can be lightening fast like quick sand

Fine (Fee-nay) - if you meet me, you've met your end

Burn - i will create a burning sensation if you try to tangle with me, don't get incinerated

Klumpenia - don't think wood is tough? when's the last time you took one to the head from a baseball bat?

What would your name be?

(oh and we saw a bit of Militia's bum tonight)

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