Friday, March 16, 2007

Very Large Kitties

Its official - my brother is now a Kitchener Panther (in the inter-county league).

I'm thinking about getting season tickets. Most of the home games are on Sunday afternoons at 2pm, with a smattering on Thursday nights. There are 18 home games and the season tickets cost 40$, so that's 2.22$ a game - tickets for students are ordinarily 5$ or 7$ for regular types. So if you're a student and you think you might want to go to more than 8 home games with me this summer it might be a good idea for you to think about getting season tickets too. The season starts in early May. Think about it and let me know and then I'll make a trip and get however many sets might be required. I should also mention that he'll play twice here in Hamilton, and also in Brantford and Guelph.

I am more than excited to have my brother so close this summer - this is the closest geographically we will be in 4 years!

So, in closing - Go Panthers and buy tickets (and therefore come with me to games)

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