Sunday, March 18, 2007

Smoerman's Night Out: Part the Second

When we left our heroine she was in peril of being thrown out of the restaurant for all of her sailor talk. Or maybe it was pirate talk...

Finally her buffalo chicken strips in the flavour of hot arrived and she began to consume them with much passion.

Interrupting her enjoyment was her twin brother Earl...

It seems Earl had come to tell Sarah that he was moving to Zimbabwe. This made Sarah sad. She both cried and snotted.

Not wanting everyone to see her now abnormally puffy eyes, Smoerman put on her classy shades.

Now she was all worked up (no thanks to Earl - who had left again). So she ordered dessert and went out for a smoke.

The sweet, sweet nicotine calmed her angry nerves. When she came back the strangely familiar waitress brought dessert. Mmmm, dessert!

With dessert consumed and plumping in her stomach Sarah decided she should vacate her table at Jack Astors and head out for a valuable night of proselytizing in dance clubs. So she asked for her bill. And oh did she get it.

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