Monday, August 18, 2008

Tissue! I Don't Even Know You!

A few loving people expressed some concern over the state of my leg. I can say that I did share much of their concern. There was some talk that I should consult a live medical practitioner. I already had a chiropractic appointment, so I figured I would consult Tony. He's a chiropractor, but his practice specializes in accident and injury management. Initially he figured I bruised the ever living snot out of it. But after some poking and prodding he noticed that one of the ridges down my shin was well, missing. It was hard to tell if that was just a LOT of fluid from the swelling or something worse. So he busted out the tuning fork and the vibrations of that made me hurt more. Therefore he suggested a trip to the ER.

It would be summer, and it wouldn't be August without a trip to the ER for me. So off I toddled and can I just say - I got in and out in 2 hours!! Because it was an ambulatory thing I got routed through there rather than the regular ER. So I saw a doctor after only hour in the hospital and then in the next hour I got x-rays done and heard the results! Whoot.

The results were that there was no breakage or chippage, just a LOT of soft tissue damage. I need to keep it elevated and iced. Its still pretty hurty. Today's prodding made things pretty tender. So I'll keep trying to make it get better and make it stop hurting so much.

Thanks for your concern.

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